Kate Hudson recalls getting married at 21: ‘I didn’t think twice’

Kate Hudson said she “decided not to second guess” her decision to walk down the aisle with her ex-husband Chris Robinson. The couple got married in 2000, when the actress was only 21 years old.

The actress spoke about the experience on a podcast, sharing that it wasn’t “impulsive” as she was “madly in love” with him at the time. She also revealed that she taught him “what it feels like to be loved unconditionally” and credited him with being “so important” to her growth.

Hudson also recalled losing the lead role in Moulin Rogue! For actress Nicole Kidman. The Oscar nominee also revealed that she fell in love with director Baz Luhrmann after hearing the film.

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“I just jump in the deep end”

Kate Hudson at the premiere of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

During the appearance The world’s first podcastHudson explained to Erin Foster and Sara Foster why she married Robinson, who is in her early 20s.

Defending her decision, the actress said it was not “impulsive” and that she was “madly in love” at the time.

“I went to New York and met Chris and (when) I came home I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to marry this guy,'” the 43-year-old said. Page six. “I just said, ‘You know what? I’m about to dive into it.”

The pair married in 2000 and had a son, Ryder, before divorcing in 2007.

Recalling her walk down the aisle at the time, Foster said she “decided not to second-guess” and was too “in love” to “pretend” she was waiting for another time in their future.

“Everything I do, I jump into the deep end,” he said. “I just didn’t think twice.”

Kate Hudson on her ex-husband Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson at "Chives: The Mystery of the Knives" London Photo Call

Elsewhere on the podcast, the “Knives Out” star shared that her ex-husband taught her “what it feels like to be loved unconditionally,” and said he was “so important” to her growth.

“Chris, for example, completely opened this floodgate for me, forever, no matter how complicated the relationship got at one point,” said the Golden Globe winner. “The most important moment for me was meeting him and him, which allowed me to understand what it feels like.”

After splitting from the Black Crowes rocker, 56, Hudson welcomed two other children, Bingham and Rani, with Matt Bellamy and Danny Fujikawa.

The actress is currently engaged to Fujikawa, the couple has been together since 2016.

Kate Hudson ‘Really Wanted’ a Part in ‘Moulin Rouge’!

Kate Hudson at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California

Hudson also spoke about losing out on the female lead in Luhrmann’s 2001 film Moulin Rouge. The actress shared that she “badly wanted” the role, but ultimately lost it to Nicole Kidman.

“I really wanted that part, and I think it was written for a 19-year-old girl at the time,” she told her host. THE Hollywood Reporter.

“Then what happened was I was at the audition and then Nicole (Kidman) had a relationship with Baz and wanted to do it. And so of course she was like, ‘I think Nicole Kidman is doing it,'” she added.

In Moulin Rogue! Kidman starred alongside Ewan McGregor in the film, and the pair played Satine and Christian. The film later received eight Academy Awards at the 74th Academy Awards, eventually winning two awards for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design.

Kate Hudson says ‘Moulin Rogue’ made her fall in love with Baz Luhrmann

Kate Hudson at the 6th Annual InStyle Awards 2021

Hudson said she fell deeply in love with Luhrmann after auditioning for the female lead.

“It’s so amazing. And energetically, I felt very connected to the way he does things,” she said. “So I was stuck. Of course I totally got it because it’s Nicole. It couldn’t be more… I really wanted this part.”

When Hudson was asked about the roles she turned down but later regretted, the actress explained why she couldn’t name a single one.

“I try not to think about things like that,” he added. “You know that ‘Oh, one decision can change the course of your life?’ I never want to think about that.”

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