Kate Gosselin’s children detail abuse from Picture Perfect TV Mom

Kate Gosselin’s two children they call him the strange and toxic behavior towards them in a shocking documentary.

Collin and Hannah Gosselin have a beef with Kate

Kate Gosselin's son Collin was sent to the Behavioral Institute,

Two of the eight children share what it was like living with Kate after her divorce from Jon. Apparently, the single mom had a dark side, dark enough that her kids were featured in the Vice documentary. The dark side of the 2000s.

Specifically, Collin claims that his mother was so mean to him that at times he felt like he was being singled out. “I wouldn’t say I was a perfect child, but I would say my misbehavior was no different from my siblings,” says the now 19-year-old.

He explained: “I know my mother has been through a lot. I mean, a divorce and a lot of different things that can’t be easy to go through.”

Kate Gosselin Needed To Take Her Anger Out On One Onone

Kate Gosselin and daughters Cara and Mady on the Today Show in New York

THE the children detailed their mother’s behavior. “You know, I want to think that he needed someone to take his anger and frustration out on, and that was only nice of me.” I was on my way and I was there. So he chose me.”

Hannah supported her brother. “He would be separated from us, like he couldn’t come and play with us.” Collin even had a different schedule than his brothers to make up for the punishment.

“He had dinner at a different time than we did. I don’t think the efforts at home have been made to help him learn what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable.”

Collin Gosselin was convinced that “special needs”

Collin Gosselin has lost contact with most of his Sextupule siblings amid a rift with his mother, Kate Gosselin

Hannah also recalled the time they were told Collin, then 12, had “special needs”. His mother sent him to a living learning facility to meet his supposed special needs.

Collin was then removed from the facility and moved in with his father, Jon. Her sister Hannah will soon follow. Jon was estranged from his children at the time due to a terrible divorce from his ex-wife.

She shared the saddest moments she’s experienced since her divorce, including missing out on key moments for six of her eight children.

Jon Gosselin was left out

Jon Gosselin

The former reality star regretted these missed moments. “I had eight graduations this year, I only attended one,” he claims. “The only kids I see and talk to are Hannah (Gosselin) and Collin (Gosselin). So nine years ago I was pretty estranged from Mady (Gosselin) and Cara (Gosselin).

He revealed that these revelations were indeed misplaced. “It was really hard at first, but now, you know, you hope for the best, but you don’t dwell on it, you know what I mean?” says.

There is still hope. “We might develop a relationship in the future, but yeah, I can’t put all my eggs in one basket like I used to and then be upset about it.”

Both for this family.

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