Kanye West’s presidential campaign is marred by fraud allegations

Controversy continues to surround Kanye West as his 2024 informal presidential campaign turns into chaos.

The hip-hop superstar, whose real name is Ye, has been criticized for his social media presence. The presenter’s most disturbing statements were attacks on Jews, which ended many of his lucrative contracts.

After seemingly going back into hiding, the record producer returned to the spotlight and rekindled his interest in leading the United States. However, the return of the 45-year-old politician is raising eyebrows with accusations of fraud.

Kanye West’s presidential hopes fade in light of illegal charges

Kanye West leads the church wearing an American flag jacket

The Donda founder’s run for president could be a repeat of his failed 2020 campaign after a former employee shared disturbing allegations. Grayling PEOPLE, Patrick Krason, the rapper’s treasurer, announced his resignation in a revealing letter.

A financial officer for the Federal Election Commission has hinted that he partied with the winning AMA team because of illegal activities. The former treasurer accused campaign consultant Milo Yiannopoulos of violating federal campaign finance laws.

Krason alleged that the right-wing political commentator in 2022 “submitted falsified invoices and expenses deemed illegal.” In his letter, West’s former employee highlighted an expense related to a digital device for which Yiannopoulos allegedly wanted compensation.

The consultant allegedly sought reimbursement from the campaign of the artist “Gold Digger” and the campaign of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Following the financial officer’s allegations of fraud, Yiannopoulos clapped back, saying he “does not give credit or ridiculous, ridiculous and easily debunked claims.”

It seems that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is not directly involved in all of this and has not publicly addressed the scandal. Although the Yeezy founder hasn’t officially announced his candidacy for president because he hasn’t filed with the FEC, the media personality’s informal campaign has gotten off to a bad start.

The father of four failed to get support with zero donations In his political movement “Kanye2020”. Although the 17-time Billboard Music Award winner is topping the charts, he has been unsuccessful in convincing others to bet on his election campaign.

After announcing that she was running for the White House in a since-deleted video featuring the “Ye 24” logo, the host shared a clip of her apparent closeness to former President Donald Trump and white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

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The trio were seen dining at the Mar-a-Lago club, a revelation that could have negatively affected West’s campaign. According to the sources, the 45-year-old “has not received a single cent from anyone” to support his presidential bid.

According to his campaign finance report, the Atlanta native promoted his political dreams with his own money. The hip-hop star reportedly racked up more than $142,000 in expenses.

One of the payments listed in the document revealed that the record producer’s dinner with Trump required additional expenses. The “Ghost Town” rapper allegedly paid Fuentes more than $9,000 in “travel expenses” on the night of their meal.

Yiannopoulos, a campaign consultant, reportedly received $40,000 for “campaign summary services” in mid-December after Ye fired him. The political commentator also received a $10,000 “domain transfer” fee on the same day as the fashion designer’s infamous Mar-a-Lago dinner.

Former employees sued Donda Academy for allegedly running a terrible institution

In the midst of his unsuccessful informal presidential campaign, the talented music executive became deeply involved in legal troubles.

Last month, The Blast revealed that the 24-time Grammy winner’s problems have increased thanks to a lawsuit over “unlawful educational practices.” The Atlanta native was sued by two teachers who served at Donda Academy.

Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers accused the father of four of endangering the lives of his private Christian schools with bizarre operating standards. The plaintiffs, the school’s only female African-American teacher, shared shocking details about the institution’s alleged practices.

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Hailey claimed to have uncovered several health and safety breaches at the academy. This included failure to comply with state regulations “regarding students in need of educational services, additional testing, or individualized learning plans.”

The instructor stated that teachers are not trained to have Basic Life Support (BLS), nor is it a requirement of employment. They were also excluded from mandatory reporter training, which is a state requirement.

Hailey noted that the school did not have an adequate disciplinary system for students, especially bullies. According to the plaintiff, he witnessed several instances of serious bullying, including when a child attacked an eighth-grader and attempted to assault a teacher.

Byers supported his fellow faculty member’s assertion that Donda does not have the basic requirements to operate as a “proper school.” The academy is said to have “no janitorial services, nursing staff or personnel trained to provide adequate health care.”

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