Kanye West Orders Pedicurist To Stop Mid-Procedure In Hilarious Video

Kanye West is going viral again after a video was posted where he abruptly ends a pedicure session.

The funny incident, shared on Instagram by West’s pal TY Dolla Sign, included him refusing to go back to the pedicure even after she requested he let her finish. It appears Kanye gets jolted with pain during the clipping incident. 

Kanye West Abruptly Quits Pedicure Session 

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

In the hilarious video clip, shared by his pal Ty Dolla Sign, the rapper begins by indulging in a self-care moment when he suddenly lost interest because he’d experienced some sort of pain during the pedicure.

Witnesses at the scene, including Ty and the pedicurist, were left bewildered, with the woman trying to convince the “Donda” rapper to let her finish, but he didn’t budge, saying, “I’m not gonna do the rest of it. It’s my toes.” He then told the lady to “wrap it up,” prompting her to get up and leave.

As the video spread like wildfire online, fans chimed in with various reactions. Many wondered why the rapper was getting a pedicure, while others felt bad for the pedicurist.

A fan shared a photo of the rapper walking barefoot and joked, “Why is Kanye West acting like his feet are so pristine and need sensitive care?”

Another noted, “I’m just hoping she was still paid in full after what transpired. I felt bad for her.”

“Nothing seems to make him happy these days,” a third person wrote.

Kanye West’s Coming Off Controversial Italian Vacation

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

West and his wife have been on a very controversial tour of Europe. In Italy, the pair always caused a scene during their various outings because of their choice of clothing. 

On several occasions, the “Closed on Sunday” rapper was seen trekking barefoot, ditching the luxury of footwear for a more grounded experience. 

Their stay in Italy took a left turn when the duo was caught in a very compromising position while on a water taxi in Venice. In videos that went viral online, West could be seen with his pants down and his b— exposed, while Censori’s head was nestled in his lap with her husband’s hands behind the back of her neck.

West and Censori were eventually handed a life ban from using the water taxi and are reportedly under investigation by Venetian police.

Kanye West Calls Cardi B An ‘Illuminati Plant’

Kanye West's 'Yeezy' Company Being Evicted From Calabasas Office

West was embroiled in the center of a recent controversy after a leaked clip from an unreleased 2018 documentary trended online. In the video, the “Praise God” rapper slammed Atlantic Records and hurled allegations at Cardi B, claiming she’s an “Illuminati plant.”

“Cardi B is a plant by the Illuminati,” West alleged. “She doesn’t write her raps. She’s just there to sound as ignorant as possible. She’s literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely… she thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no f—— blessing.”

Several fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to react to West’s allegations. Many users dismissed his statements as falsehoods, while others seemingly agreed with his claims, the existence of the Illuminati and its alleged influence in the entertainment industry.

Cardi B wasted no time replying to West’s allegations, humorously sharing a now-deleted interview clip in which West praised her.

“I’ve always believed in her since she was on the show,” West said in the interview with “Hollywood Unlocked” Jason Lee, seemingly referring to the reality show “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” that helped launch Cardi B’s career.

Cardi B Threatens ‘Receipt’ That’ll Send The Internet Into A Meltdown

Cardi B at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

Cardi B took to social media to clap back at recent accusations from West. In a fiery Instagram Live session, the “WAP” rapper warned her critics to back off, claiming she possesses “receipts” that could potentially cause chaos on the internet.

Many fans have wondered who it could be directed at, but several think it is in response to West’s allegation that she’s an “illuminate plant.”

In the clip, she said, “To my haters, and all you m——— who want to see a mess, leave me the f— alone because I come with receipts. I will bring this internet into f—— shambles b—– you don’t even know.”

She continued, “It will be crazy, so let me keep it cute. I have matured, keep me there. And I won’t just say it out my mouth. I literally got real receipts with dates. So leave me alone, because y’all not gonna be ready for that.”

“Let me mind my business, let me keep working, let me be a mom, let me keep putting music out. Don’t try to bring Belcalis (Cardi B’s real name) out. Love Cardi B, don’t bring Belcalis. Leave me there, ok?” she added.

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