Kanye West is a suspect in a battery investigation after he threw a woman’s phone

Kanye West’s temper can’t seem to get him out of trouble. The video of the “Donda” singer losing her temper with a female photographer recently went viral, and now she may be a suspect in a battery investigation after she grabbed the woman’s phone and threw it into the street.

Do you need anger management classes or was your privacy justified? Find out for yourself and see what Kim Kardashian had to say about her ex-husband and baby daddy.

Kanye West Goes Viral with Paparazzi Rant

Kanye West may be a suspect in a battery investigation

Embattled singer, songwriter and Kardashian ex Kanye West appears to be facing a battery charge after he grabbed a phone from a female photographer and threw it into the street after she refused to stop filming.

The video in which the star first approached the dad asking them to stop filming when his kids were involved went viral, even more so because he was seen getting out of his car and stomping towards another car .

There, a woman holding a dog allegedly filmed him. “You didn’t have to run at him like that,” he said to the woman holding her phone to her face. The girl denied “running” and West continued to yell at her: “If I say stop, stop with your camera!” to which he replied that he was a celebrity, implying that he should get used to people picking on him. Angered, West grabbed his phone and threw it into the street before driving away.

The rapper-turned-fashion designer was reportedly leaving his daughter North West’s basketball game at the time of the incident. His ‘wife’, Bianca Censori, was sitting next to him in the car, but mum didn’t seem to be ignoring him. The confrontation seems to have gotten nasty enough for the cops to get involved.

You may be a suspect in a battery investigation

Kanye West with daughter North West at a basketball game

Of course, it is not known how long the woman filmed the 45-year-old man, and what actually happened when she got out of her car and confronted him.

It’s not known how long the woman was allegedly filming West, 45, or what happened before she got out of her car that led her to confront him.

According to a TMZ post West has been named a suspect in the battery investigation after Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to the scene and provided video evidence of the incident. The said woman was also photographed leaving the sheriff’s department and talking to the police.

Here is the viral video:

There is no word yet on the investigation, although fans are divided about Kanye West’s behavior.

One apparent fan wrote: “I feel sad for you. He never wanted the cameras in his face. Kim Kardashian and her family did it all to him. They were very respected until you found them with the Kardashians.”

But another felt: “This is why people need to stop putting celebrities on a pedestal. While I believe everyone deserves space and privacy, you are participating in public play with other parents and children. The world does not, and should not, stop for Ye or any other celebrity.”

Kim Kardashian refuses to talk about Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's son arrives at Saint's Basketball game with Tristan Thompson

On Friday, the media turned on Kim Kardashian as she attended the North West basketball game. In a videoa papa can be heard asking her, “Hey Kim, what do you think about Kanye punching some… (sic) paparazzi’s phone?”

The 42-year-old quickly hung up and said: ‘Don’t talk to me about this in front of my kids’, prompting the photographer to apologize to her. While this was going on, a child could be heard shouting: “Please leave!” but it is not clear which of his children screamed the same.

Later, Kim packed her kids safely into the SUV before saying goodbye to sister Khloé Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson.

Meanwhile, Kardashian’s latest Instagram post is all about reform. Is this a tip for Kanye West?

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