Kanye West Fires Back At Lawsuit Over Brutal Working Conditions

Kanye ‘Ye’ West has responded to a lawsuit from a project manager who worked on his Malibu home and accused him of brutal working conditions.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Ye has completely denied all allegations levied against him and has requested that the judge rule in his favor dismissing the plaintiff’s claims.

Kanye West Denies Claims Of Brutal Conditions From Former Project Manager

In the court documents obtained, Ye responded to the claims from the former project manager, calling them unverified. Kanye’s lawyers say he “denies generally and specifically each and every allegation contained in the complaint, and each and every purported cause of action contained in the complaint.”

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The Yeezy founder is particularly denying that the project manager “sustained any injury, damage, or loss by reason of any act, omission or breach by (Kanye) and believes that the guy is not entitled to anything. 

In addition, Ye is asking that the judge enter a judgment against the former employee and make the project manager cover the costs of the suit incurred including reasonable attorney fees.

In other words, Kanye West is going to fight this one…and hard.

The Blast broke the news that the former project manager sued Ye in early September claiming he was fired without being properly compensated. The Plaintiff also alleged that he and Kanye had disagreements over the conditions of the Malibu property.

The former project manager claimed he was forced to sleep on the floor and the Donda rapper requested a home without windows or electricity, which resulted in a clear labor code violation.

The former staff claimed he was first hired by Ye and his team in September 2021 as the project manager and caretaker of one of the rapper’s Malibu properties. However, he soon began sleeping on the floor for 16 hours, with no accommodation provided.

The ex-employee stated he “emphasized his stress and anxiety” but Ye took “no actions to help alleviate his stress.” He alleged that the controversial rapper “exhibited a consistent pattern of being unresponsive and difficult to communicate with.”

Ye Requested A House With No Electricity & Windows From Project Manager

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When the working conditions got worse, the project manager claimed he became “exhausted and overburdened” and spoke about the harsh conditions, but the Donda Academy owner kept “disregarding” him. Things got so bad that the former employee stated he “injured his back severely” and asked Kanye for some time off.

However, the 24-time Grammy Award winner “continued to insist on having updates on the house.” That same week, the Plaintiff alleged that Ye asked him to “remove all of the electricity and windows from the house.” Despite warnings about how dangerous that could be, the project manager alleged that Ye started “raising his voice and insisting on moving large generators inside the house, which could potentially lead to a fire hazard.”

Ye reportedly called him an “enemy” and told him to “get the h–l out” before terminating his employment.

The aggrieved former staff stated in the filing that he was owed $16,500 for all the work done the day before he was fired as well as $26,000 for reinforcement of ramps he installed in the home and extra supplies that he had bought. The project manager sued for various labor code violations, unpaid wages, and damages.

With Ye’s new response, there is sure going to be a lot of legal back-and-forth between both parties.

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