Kanye West and new ‘wife’ spotted shopping at Balenciaga store

Kanye West he recently married his new “wife” Bianca Censorito buy the Balenciaga, which is still recovering from recent controversies. The brand was heavily criticized for its advertising campaign, which many believed featured a teddy bear dressed as a slave.

Balenciaga officially cut ties with the West at the end of last year after the anti-Semitism and “white lives matter” controversy. Before they ended relations, the rapper had a close relationship with the label and collaborated with Demna, its creative director.

West secretly married Censori in early January, but they have yet to file a marriage certificate and make their marriage legal. The rapper recently took his eldest daughter, North, to dinner with him and Censori at Nobu.

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Kanye West and Bianca Censori shopped at Balenciaga

Kanye West's 'Yeezy' company is being evicted from its Calabasas office

West and Censori were recently photographed shopping at a Balenciaga store in Beverly Hills. according to photos shared via Page sixthe rapper was dressed in his usual all-black ensemble, with huge black boots to accessorise.

His new ‘wife’, Censori, went the more colorful route as she wore an oversized fluffy looking yellow coat with black thigh high boots.

The rapper and fashion brand Balenciaga have been at the center of controversy in recent months, with West being deleted for anti-Semitic comments he made on Twitter. He was also heavily criticized for his “White Lives Matter” shirt designs.

Balenciaga, on the other hand, got into hot water for its ad campaign featuring teddy bear children dressed in BDSM-inspired clothes. Another set of ads contained several court documents related to US child pornography laws. The famous fashion brand and its creative director, Demna, have since apologized for the controversial ads.

The brand’s apologetic statement read: “We would like to address the controversy surrounding our recent advertising campaigns. We strongly condemn child abuse; we never intended to include it in our narrative. The two separate advertising campaigns in question reflect a series of serious errors for which Balenciaga accepts responsibility.”

Balenciaga cut ties with Kanye West last year

Kanye West

Ironically, after Balenciaga’s anti-Semitic controversy, they officially ended their relationship with the West. Before that, the “Good Morning” rapper worked closely with the label and even collaborated with Demna several times. The two worked on the Yeezy Gap clothing line and designed several outfits for West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

It debuted at Paris Fashion Week just days before the brand cut ties with West. Despite cutting ties with her, West doesn’t seem to mind endorsing the brand with his wife, Censori. Kardashian, meanwhile, is putting her relationship with the brand on hiatus after being heavily criticized by fans for staying silent during the scandal.

He previously married Bianca Censori in January

Bianca Censori

West married Censori this month in a secret and non-legal ceremony. According to Censori’s LinkedIn profile, he worked for West’s company, Yeezy, as an architectural designer for several years. The new couple reportedly exchanged rings for their ceremony, but have yet to submit a marriage certificate to make their marriage legally binding.

On the day news of their marriage broke, West and Censori were spotted arriving together at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills. Since their marriage, they have been noticed on several trips together. West famously took the women he dated on lavish shopping sprees, such as the five Birkin bags he gave to Julia Fox and friends.

The Kardashians are worried about marriage

Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Baby2Baby Gala

A source recently revealed it Page six that the Kardashians are extremely worried about West and Censori’s surprise wedding. The source said: “The family is not considering this as a marriage yet. They’re not sure if it’s a PR stunt. They are waiting for you to submit the papers. They are upset because if it is real, it would be in the children’s lives.

West and Kim officially finalized their divorce in 2022 after more than seven years of marriage and four children. The reality star and her family are said to be worried about how Censori’s new presence will affect their children. Despite their concerns, West recently took his oldest daughter, North, to dinner with Nobuba Censori.

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