Justin Combs has been formally charged after running a red light

Diddy’s son is officially charged with DUI after pulled over by Los Angeles PD for running a red light.

Justin Combs Criminal Case

The podcast host was suspended on June 4, and now criminal charges have been filed against Combs. The Blast obtained the police report that shows Combs has two misdemeanor charges of driving while intoxicated and another for having a blood alcohol content greater than 0.08%.

Combs is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on August 10. The mogul’s son was spotted around 8 a.m. in the morning of the incident. The police decided to arrest him because there was enough probable cause that he was driving under the influence.

Combs is the son Diddy shares with Misa Hylton, and fans will remember that she was the one who got the rapper arrested and accused of driving him astray.

Justin Combs paid his own bond

Pre-GRAMMY Gala & GRAMMY Tribute to Industry Icons Sean quot Diddy quot Combs - Red Carpet Arrivals

Combs’ bond was set at 5,000 and he can post it himself and walk out of jail shortly after his arrest. Unfortunately, his mother had already publicly slept with his father. “I’m not protecting anyone anymore. Just my son,” he wrote.

Adding: “I’m not into reality TV…. When is enough?” Diddy yelled.

“Do BAD. Bad boy. I used to want to be a BAD Girl who chose the QUEEN. They are tried and true. I’m not perfect, but I’m intentional. The statement “a rotten fish from the head down” means that in addition to playing a significant role in the success of a family or organization, leadership is also the root cause of failure and destruction.

Misa Hylton wants the truth

Diddy's baby, Mama Misa Hylton, is arrested amid the mogul's son's arrest
Instagram/Misa Hylton

The fashion designer continued her rant on her IG Story. “The truth sets you free. I should have kept my child… Anyone can have it,” indicating that Combs, 29, was in the custody of her father when it all ended.

Diddy's baby, Mama Misa Hylton, is arrested amid the mogul's son's arrest

“How do you become one of the greatest ever to make all your money in alcohol and sue the damn alcohol company?” he asked, referring to Diddy’s legal battle with a former business partner over an alcohol brand.

Diddy's baby, Mama Misa Hylton, is arrested amid the mogul's son's arrest

“Sell something healthy that builds people up. I’m tired of it. NOT MINES. Everyone has to sit around for years and pretend that nothing is wrong. This is where the buck stops for me. If anything were to happen to my son, GOD FORBID. What is someone going to tell me?”

Diddy is tight-lipped

P Diddy leaves the Corinthia Hotel

The Bad Boy rapper did not respond to Misa’s claims. As for Justin, he is at the mercy of the courts. The producer, whose father worked at Combs Global, played football at UCLA in 2016. He received an athletic scholarship as a defensive back.

Fans will remember that Diddy and crew received backlash for accepting the scholarship, and let’s not forget that Diddy allegedly hated the coach and allegedly swung a kettle ball at him, claiming it was self-defense.

See you on August 10, Justin.

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