Justin Bieber fought to protect Frank Ocean

Justin Bieber once again found himself in the bad books of the fans.

The singer recently praised the singer on Instagram Frank OceanCoachella’s performance despite the setbacks made fans less entertained.

Fans slammed Bieber, telling him to be brave enough to publicly discuss the performance’s weakness instead of defending Ocean.

Some even called him a hypocrite for being quick to defend the two-time Grammy winner, but seemingly refusing to comment on the feud between his ex Selena Gomez and his wife Hailey.

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Justin Bieber ‘Deeply Touched’ by Frank Ocean

He takes me to his Instagram page, Bieber praised Ocean’s performance on Sunday, despite thousands of fans already finding the show quite controversial.

The singer wrote a glowing statement to express his feelings to his 286 million followers about how “impressed” he was by the 29-year-old pop star, who last performed in public six years ago.

Bieber also described Ocean’s “artistry” as “simply unmatched” and praised his “style, taste, voice and attention to detail.”

He added: “I was deeply moved. It made me want to keep going and be better as an artist. She continues to set the bar high and gave me a night I will never forget! Thank you Frank.”

Surprisingly, Bieber locked the comments section of the post, preventing his followers from sharing their thoughts. However, shocked fans took to other social media platforms to call out the “Saint” singer for her glowing criticism, which they say Ocean didn’t deserve.

Fans react to Justin Bieber’s comments

Justin Bieber at the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas

One Twitter user responded to Bieber’s statement, saying“I don’t know Justin, I think you (and most of us) are too in love with him as an artist to accept that he put on a disappointing show because that’s what it was.”

A second person said“It’s OK to say it wasn’t a great performance, I don’t see the need to defend him.”

Others seemed to call Bieber a hypocrite for being quick to defend Ocean, but he should be silent on the verbal abuse his wife Hailey has been receiving from fans of his ex Selena Gomez lately.

A fan said“This man is so quick to praise others, but he can’t even protect his own wife. Crazy,” while another commented“He protects honesty more than his own wife lmao.”

Complaints about Frank Ocean’s Coachella performance

Furious fans blast Justin Bieber for glowing review of Frank Ocean's controversial Coachella performance

While Ocean’s vocals have been praised when performing across his discography, the recurring gaps between songs and concerns that the artist isn’t really visible to the audience have left most fans unhappy.

Several concertgoers complained about the poor stage lighting and how parts of the stage set-up got in the way of the singer rather than the aesthetic they were intended for.

The singer reportedly arrived an hour late, after which he spent most of his performance sitting, although according to news reports, he suffered an injury before the event. TMZ. Ocean’s performance was also not broadcast on YouTube’s official Coachella live stream, despite being the headlining act.

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to draw comparisons to flops Bad Bunny and Black Pink, who played Coachella on Friday and Saturday night, respectively, and streamed them online.

Frank Ocean teases new music

Furious fans blast Justin Bieber for glowing review of Frank Ocean's controversial Coachella performance

Despite the setbacks, fans left the event on a bit of a positive note as the two-time Grammy winner teased new music coming soon.

Ocean last released music in 2020 when he dropped two acoustic songs. Before that, he released his last studio album, ‘Blonde’, in 2016. He also headlined Coachella in 2020 before the event was postponed due to COVID and brought back in 2022.

“I missed you. I want to talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of a new album… not because there’s no new album,” the singer said at one point during his performance. People.

Ocean also paid tribute to his late brother Ryan Breaux, who died in a car accident in 2020 at the age of 18, talking about the times they came to Coachella together.

He is scheduled to return for the second weekend of the festival, where many expect him to perform better.

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