Jussie Smollett reunites with supporting co-star Taraji P. Henson

Jussie Smollett continues to embrace the undying love of her former co-star Taraji P. Henson. While the embattled actor’s legal troubles continue, his on-screen mother continues to offer his constant support.

The beloved singer fell from grace in 2019 after claiming to be the victim of a hate crime. The incident occurred at the height of the media personality’s fame as Jamal Lyon on the Fox drama series Empire.

After fans rallied behind the 41-year-old and called for the heads of his homophobic attackers, authorities claimed the alleged crime was staged. Retaliation quickly followed, and the California native was convicted of filing a false police report.

Despite the backlash she received, the “Think Like A Man” actress refused to leave the host’s corner. The Oscar nominee recently spent some quality time with the “Conqueror” artist. Please keep scrolling to find out more about their dates!

Jussie Smollett and Taraji P. Henson enjoy a sweaty hug during the actor’s appeal

Jussie Smollett and Taraji P. Henson at the premiere of

Over the weekend, paparazzi spotted the “On Our Own” star out and about in Los Angeles with her on-screen mom by her side. As you can see in the shared pictures TMZ, the duo appeared to have returned from a hike given their attire and sweaty appearance.

For the sunny affair, Henson donned an all-black ensemble that revealed her toned stomach to onlookers. The 52-year-old rocked a sports bra over a pair of fitted sweatpants and tied a jacket around her waist.

The mother of one completed the sporty look with a black fanny pack and sneakers. She tied a blue scarf around her head, while her black locks were pulled into a high bun. For the finishing touches, the Washington native wore sunglasses and carried a water barrel in one hand.

Meanwhile, Smollett opted for a similar look in a blue tank top, black shorts and white trainers, while wearing a gray T-shirt around his neck. She wore a brown newsboy cap over her dark curls and shielded her eyes from the sun with sunglasses. Like his former colleague, the 41-year-old stayed hydrated with a drink in hand.

After their supposed tour, the sweaty pair regained their strength at a pop-up restaurant before ending their encounter with a sweet hug outside the establishment. The duo’s training took place a year after the ‘No Good Deed’ actress considered Smollett’s sentence for his alleged hate crime.

In 2022, the California native served 150 days behind bars after being convicted of five of six misdemeanor counts of filing false police reports. The guilty verdict came because of the “Mighty Ducks” actor’s inconsistent recollection of the incident.

Prosecutors argued that the host enlisted the help of her alleged assailants to stage the crime, and the jury agreed. In addition to the prison sentence, Smollett was given 30 months of probation and ordered to pay more than $120,000 in restitution to the city of Chicago and a $25,000 fine.

After his verdict was announced, Henson took to Instagram with the caption “#FREEJUSSIE” and an impassioned message about the presenter’s plight. Captioning her post, the 52-year-old said her on-screen son’s “punishment does not fit the crime”.

The Washington native compared the actor’s case to that of Emmett Till. The late 14-year-old girl was brutally murdered in 1955 after a white woman named Carolyn Bryant lied about a crime. The mother of one of the children noted that Smollett did no harm to anyone with his alleged lie:

“No one was injured or killed during Jussie’s ordeal. He has already lost everything, EVERYTHING! For me, as an artist, it’s punishment enough in itself if I can’t create that.”

The NAACP Image Award winner has appealed his 150-day jail sentence

Months before reuniting with Henson in Los Angeles, the “FUW” artist made headlines for his fight against a 150-day prison sentence. for an alleged 2019 hate crime. The BET Award nominee spent six days in jail before being released on appeal.

According to court documents filed in the First Judicial District of Illinois, Smollett’s attorney, Heather Widell, pleaded double jeopardy. The legal representative claimed that the California native was “punished for the same crimes by performing community service and having his bond forfeited.”

Under “double jeopardy” laws, the 41-year-old’s defense team insisted the actor should not have been convicted after the initial charges were dismissed. They also argued that the $120,000 in damages awarded to the Chicago Police Department was invalid.

Jussie Smollett at the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California

Attorneys for the Fox alum insisted that the police are not “victims” under Illinois law; therefore, the restitution order must be set aside. Smollett’s team also went after Judge James Linn, who they accused of using a “personally vindictive tone” during their client’s sentencing.

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