Jurors revealed the “kennel video” that sealed his fate

Three jurors Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial they will tell you what he drove the nail into his coffin when it came to deliberation.

Alex Murdaugh’s voice brought him in

Alex Murdaugh shaved his head in the new booking photo

Three of the jurors in the high-profile case appeared in the Today show, Amie Williams, Gwen Generette and James McDowell shared what led them to believe Alex was responsible for the double murders of their son Paul and his wife Maggie.

They shared that there was one critical piece of information that they all agreed sealed the deal that led to Alex’s life behind bars. “Well, the witness statements were very believable, and the kennel video definitely played a role,” Williams said.

Murdaugh Murders: Jurors reveal 'kennel video' sealed his fate

The played video is referred to as evidence in the courts. This proves that Murdaugh went to the kennel on the night of the murder, although he said he had not been there before. There was a voice in that video, and later in the hearing that day, Murdaugh took the stand. Would you believe the same voice was heard in the courtroom?

Jurors “couldn’t believe” Murdaugh took the stand

When the 54-year-old stood up to walk to the stands, there were likely gasps in the courtroom because it’s a risky choice, especially when the defendant is as high-profile in town as Murdaugh.

Generette said with an oath Today hosted by Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin that he was quite shocked and “couldn’t believe” that Murdaugh had the audacity to take the stand, but in retrospect it was the best choice because it corroborated the aforementioned kennel evidence.

Murdaugh Murders: Jurors reveal 'kennel video' sealed his fate

The video evidence in the kennel is from the victim Paul’s phone, which allegedly shows Alex Murdaugh’s voice. Hearing her voice for the first time “sealed the deal,” shared Generette.

When asked by the show’s hosts if Murdaugh should have been in first place, Generette and Williams immediately responded, “No,” with McDowell claiming, “If it was me, I don’t think I would, but I think he believed , that he is so convincing that he felt it was his last chance.”

Alex Murdaugh knows how to manipulate

Murdaugh Murders: Jurors reveal 'kennel video' sealed his fate

Jurors were asked to elaborate on why they thought Murdaugh should never have taken the stand. They thought he was a bit manipulative. McDowell said:

“I just think we already know that he’s a lawyer — he can be emotional about cases, he can be emotional about himself, he knows … when to turn it on and off — so I think we got a good read. that.”

When asked by Guthrie if they “believed” Murdaugh’s sentiments on the stand, they didn’t. Generette said I don’t think she’s crying. He turned it on and off. It wasn’t original.”

When asked what they believed caused Murdaugh to kill his family, Williams believed it was a combination of things that ended up “taking a heavy toll on him.” Generette thought it was a matter of “control”.

“I think he wanted to control everything and his wife owned most of the things they owned, so I think it was greed and control.”

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