‘Jurassic Park’ Ride restarts after hydraulic fluid leak

Did the dinosaurs escape?! Fortunately, no, but it looks like there was a pretty serious hydraulic leak on one of the rides Islands of Adventure theme park inside Universal Orlando.

Visiting guests Universal Orlando In Florida yesterday, February 23, they got an unexpected surprise when they walked by the popular “Jurassic Park” River Adventure ride.

Those who wanted to meet a giant T-Rex were disappointed as there were problems with the ride.

What’s wrong with the water?

Jurassic Park River Adventure
Universal Orlando

As Universal Orlando guests passed by the temporarily closed river raft yesterday, they noticed something was wrong with the water.

Theme park news site Universal Parks News Today shared a video of the roaring waters that looked strange. “Jurassic Park River Adventure water looks a little suspicious and the attraction is currently delayed. 🦖” they wrote on Twitter next to the video.

Fans of the theme park immediately responded to the video, sharing their concerns, such as “What happened to the water?!?”

While another fan gleefully tweeted: “If you let the non-potty trained dinos play in the water.”

And another Universal fan shouted: “Red Tide. Not good for dinos.”

While one user gleefully said: “With the brown water it looks like it’s been refurbished and is now ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River Adventure’ 🍫.

Finally, one fan tweeted: “This is probably what the water looks like when you encounter dinosaurs while trying to escape from Jurassic World.”

While some of these comments were quite amusing, dinosaurs were not actually to blame for the discolored water.

Visible hydraulic fluid leakage

Universal's 'Jurassic Park' ride closes after hydraulic fluid leak
Instagram | Universal Orlando

Some say there was a hydraulic fluid leak that caused the water to react the way it did.

“Hydraulic fluid was leaking from the top of the drop yesterday, that could be it,” suggested one fan.

Another Universal fan echoed the same theory, writing, “Blown hydraulic line, they use vegetable based oils…”

A third tweeted: “It’s hydraulic fluid. It reminds me of the story when Walt first introduced the Lincoln Animatronic and a hydraulic line broke.”

Another drew attention to the fact that the attraction was closed almost all day on Wednesday, more than likely due to a hydraulic fluid leak reported by guests. “It was also closed almost all day on Wednesday!” they wrote on Twitter.

The good news is that the “Jurassic Park” River Adventure will reopen on Friday, Feb. 24, according to the Universal Orlando theme park app, which means guests can once again come face-to-face with a gigantic T-Rex.

Universal Orlando circumscribes the “Jurassic Park” River Adventure attraction like, “Wait a minute, he’s gliding along on his raft. In the next, you face a giant T. rex. There is nowhere to turn. It bears down on you, and the only escape from its razor-sharp teeth is to take the pitch-black jump in front of you. Did we mention it’s an 85 meter drop?

The “Jurassic Park” River Adventure is located in Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, Florida. For the latest information on theme park hours, temporary closures and more, download the Universal Orlando app.

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