Julia Fox’s father and brother are in police custody after the New York police raid

Every family has their dirty laundry, and Julia Fox is dealing with the consequences of her relatives’ dark side!

The host is notoriously known as Kanye “Ye” West’s rebound flame after his controversial split with Kim Kardashian. After her relationship with the hip-hop icon, the actress worked hard to get recognition for her skills instead of the rapper’s ex-girlfriend.

Although the Italian model has successfully garnered recognition for her bold fashion looks and fierce online presence, the ‘Uncut Gems’ star’s family has been a different story. Fox’s father and brother were recently arrested on shocking charges.

Julia Fox’s father and younger brother are in police custody after NYPD raid

Julia Fox at "Uncut gems" Presentation

Thomas Fox and his son Christopher Fox were taken into police custody after NYPD officers raided their Upper East Side apartment. Armed with a search warrant, authorities moved in around 6 a.m., where they uncovered shocking truths at the New York residence.

Fox’s loved ones have been arrested for possessing ghost weapons and manufacturing drugs. According to an NYPD representative, this search was allegedly part of a larger investigation involving ghost guns and drugs. PEOPLE.

For those who don’t know, ghost guns are untraceable firearms that are usually sold in pieces by online retailers so that buyers can assemble the parts at home. Cops found several ghost weapon fragments in the Foxes’ apartment, as well as drug-making equipment.

The authorities recovered the equipment needed to press drug pills, pressure cookers, and the chemicals used in the production of illegal drugs. NYPD officers also found materials to build explosives during the March 8 raid.

Surprisingly, Thomas was released without charge following his arrest. However, his son remained in police custody until March 9, where various charges were brought against the 30-year-old man. The actress’ younger brother’s crimes included illegal possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing a machine gun and a rapid-fire mod device.

Fortunately, the dangerous materials found in the apartment did not link Thomas and Christopher to any terrorist group. Regarding the case, an NYPD spokesperson said: “The case is currently believed to be contained and there is no apparent connection to terrorism.”

Julia Fox attends the opening night performance of Circle Jerk at The Connelly Theater on June 14, 2022 in New York City.

“The NYPD continues to relentlessly fight illegal guns — both the continued proliferation of conventionally manufactured firearms and the growing number of illegal, untraceable, but fully functional weapons known as ghost guns,” the representative said.

As for the author of “PTSD”, Six pages reported that Fox was “heartbroken” by news of his relatives’ drug and gun charges. Sources claimed the 33-year-old was shocked by the home invasion, noting the funnyman was out of town when it happened.

According to insiders, the model knew nothing about her family’s alleged crimes. Their claims coincided with the Playboy model’s previous statements about her relatives. The Italian beauty admitted in an interview that she rarely saw her single father and brother.

As for Christopher, the “Fantasy Girls” director described him as an eccentric personality. “He’s like a mad scientist hermit,” the media personality said. “Make 3D printers for fun.”

Other relatives echoed similar sentiments to sources, describing the younger FOX as a “mad scientist” type who enjoys conducting experiments. However, those loved ones noted that the 30-year-old seemed like a nice guy who “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

The Gotham Award nominee once carried a loaded gun with murder

Julia Fox at The Film Independent Spirit Awards, Arrivals

The ‘PVT Chat’ star has also had his share of run-ins with the law, but not as badly as his brother and father.

Last month, The Blast reported that Fox has taken SZA’s “Kill Bill” to the next level. No, the host wasn’t thinking about killing her ex-boyfriend, but she was thinking about killing a drug dealer.

The ‘puppet’ actress revealed in a heartfelt interview that she was trying to avenge her best friend who tragically died of a drug overdose. The 33-year-old has promised to share the full story of her soulmate’s death in her forthcoming memoir.

However, while working on the Italian model’s poignant masterpiece, he spilled the tea about his murderous intentions. According to the TV personality, she sat in her car for hours watching the drug dealer she blamed for her best friend’s death.

Fox admitted to watching the unsuspecting man and waiting for the right time to deliver what he thought would be poetic justice. The mother of one planned to use her late boyfriend’s gun to kill the drug dealer. However, he never had to pull the trigger.

The co-founder of Franziska Fox later found out that her best friend had not died of a drug overdose. The unidentified woman suffered from various health problems that eventually led to her death. “I’m glad I didn’t kill him,” Fox admitted.

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