Julia Fox recalls being banned from Bloomigdales for stealing

Julia Fox has come clean about her scandalous past.

The actress and model has revealed she was ‘banned permanently’ from a famous US luxury store after she was caught shoplifting as a teenager. Fortunately, that didn’t stop her from starting a holiday campaign with the dress nearly ten years after she was caught in the act.

Julia Fox is still recovering from the trauma of shoplifting in the midst of a Bloomingdale’s collaboration

Shortly after doing the unexpected on the runway for Italian fashion brand Dsquared2, Fox spoke about another “full circle” moment with Bloomingdale’s. The “Uncut Gems” star, who briefly dated rapper Kanye West after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, spoke about the incident. ET CanadaShreya Khanna:

“I had such a full circle moment. I actually got caught shoplifting at Bloomingdale’s and I was 15 and banned from the store for good. Then, like eight years later, I wanted a little holiday campaign for them.”

Julia Fox at the 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Even though the model and the brand buried the hatchet, she admitted she was still excited about entering the business. He is 33 years old established:

“And I remember when I came up, when I walked in in the morning, they asked for my ID and I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to like, look into the system and see if I’m like that, wrong?’ And they didn’t, they let me in.”

The Italian-American beauty then added that she is “still” dealing with the trauma, holding her breath and looking “straight ahead” as she walks past police officers. Reflecting further on his tainted past, Fox shared:

“Like I was so traumatized that I got arrested and stuff. But you know, like you still carry those scars from your past. You know, I’m a different girl now, but I’m still the same ragged little 13-year-old.

In addition to dealing with this trauma, the “Something You Said Last Night” actress shocked the public when she agreed with Drew Barrymore’s comments that she is eager to open up about her parenting trauma. once his mother and fellow actress Jaid died.

“I was vulnerable and trying to figure out a complicated, painful relationship while acknowledging that it’s hard to have a parent. And we, who have to find this out in real time, can’t wait, because they can’t wait for time, not for the fact that the parent is dead,” said the host of the talk show.

Julia Fox at "Uncut gems" Presentation

While Fox commented, “Great eyes, lmao,” during a clip of the admission, fans quickly assumed he was referring to his mother, Ann Darwin, with whom he reportedly has a strained relationship.

The Gotham Awards nominee showed off her legs in an eye-catching ensemble at a recent event

The ‘PVT Chat’ star showed off her funky fashion style in a fitted strapless graphic mini dress. She paired the outfit with a brown-toned leather jacket, orange glasses, minimalist jewelry and open-toed silver heels.

The ‘Jatt & Juliet 2’ screen goddess carried two bags – a rhinestone-themed gold purse and a small white bag – along with a stylish hat made of the same material as her dress. Like The Blast Fox’s ensemble was a conscious choice, he noted, as it honored the Diesel and Tom of Finland capsule collections released for this year’s Pride.

She previously wore the dress to the Diesel x Tom of Finland Foundation event held in New York late last month. The event not only resulted in the presentation of 17 new pieces, but also launched the AllTogether Clubhouse on June 21.

According to Diesel’s website, Clubhouse is a “homecoming show that celebrates the history of Queer culture in New York, from nightlife and erotic arts to uncompromising activism.”

As for the capsule, it’s reported that it “amplifies the message of freedom of expression, sexuality and individualism – in this case specifically celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community – that has always been a key pillar of the brand.”

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