Judge Joe Brown addresses Sheryl Lee Ralph rumors

Judge Joe Brown is not amused by speculation that he was involved in Sheryl Lee Ralph’s assault case!

Former attorney-turned-TV personality James Blakeney Brown Jr. is best known for starring in the arbitration-based reality show Judge Joe Brown. In terms of his work, the 75-year-old man does not run in the same circles as other celebrities.

However, after the ‘Moesha’ actress’ shocking revelation, fans put on their detective boots to find the suspect behind the alleged abuse. Many concluded that the Washington native was guilty, causing the father of two to fire back.

Judge Joe Brown breaks silence on Sheryl Lee’s rumored involvement in Ralph’s assault

Judge Joe Brown

As a former Shelby County criminal court judge, the TV personality’s struggles didn’t extend outside the law. However, in light of Ralph’s assault history, the 75-year-old was dragged to the wrong side of the bench.

Instead of sending the internet wild with the claims about her character, the “Hot Topics With Judge Joe” star aired her grievances Twitter. Brown’s side of the story comes nearly a week after the Emmy winner dropped her story of abuse.

“There are false rumors that I abused a certain lady 25 years ago. I categorically deny both the accusations and my acquaintance with the lady,” said the former judge.

The Washington native, who has steadfastly maintained his innocence, has threatened to file a lawsuit if his name continues to be mentioned in Ralph’s case. “These rumors started and spread from certain identified parties. They should cease and desist or consider defamation action,” the father of two warned.

As shared by VIBE Brown, who is running for mayor of Memphis, announced in another interview that he is willing to include his legal team in a defamation suit because of the ongoing speculation that his name is being tarnished.

“When my face is placed next to his, it becomes a conjecture. This really damages my reputation,” the judge-turned-politician claimed. The media personality noted that the allegations are baseless given her struggle for women’s rights.

“Not only that, I have a long history of making sure women get justice when they’ve done wrong,” the former lawyer continued. “The motto of the last half century is ‘protecting womanhood and promoting manhood’ and (sic) those who don’t like it.”

The independent candidate for Memphis mayor in 2023 said he has never met the Dreamgirls star, which he noted did not even involve him in his story. In the words of the politician:

“He hasn’t said anything that implicates me so far (but) the thing is, I don’t know this woman, I’ve never met this woman, and I certainly haven’t had any contact with her.”

If the pair weren’t having an affair, as Brown claimed, why did these rumors start? Fans suspected the Washington native was Ralph’s attacker because the pair were affiliated with the same organization.

CBS production company Big Ticket Entertainment produced Ralph’s ’90s sitcom “Moesha” and Brown’s eponymous courtroom show. That connection made the former TV judge a potential abuser in the Delta Sigma Theta honorary member’s story.

The ‘Abbott Elementary Star’ was forced to remain silent about her abuse

Ralph first shared the revelation on the Way Up With Angela Yee podcast last week that he was assaulted by a “celebrity TV judge” at a work event.

According to the Independent Spirit Award winner, her attacker forcibly kissed her in front of their peers. “This person walked in, grabbed me by the back of my head, turned me around and shoved his nasty tongue down my throat, and everyone at the network saw it,” the Connecticut resident recalled.

The mother of two explained that she was dressed for the occasion and was not related to her attacker, other than working at the same network. However, the Broadway star refused to reveal the man’s name or when the incident happened.

Despite keeping those key details under wraps, the host emphasized that her abuser was not Judge Greg Mathis, whom she called a “great man.” Surprisingly, being attacked in a room full of people didn’t mean the 66-year-old had vital witnesses to back up her story.

Sheryl Lee Ralph attends the Critics' Choice Awards in Los Angeles

Ralph claimed the network prioritized their image over their pain and allegedly asked the 66-year-old not to report the incident to avoid “bad press.” Recalling the sad memory, the TV personality said: “They didn’t want bad press around their show and they didn’t care what happened to me.”

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