Joy-Anna Duggar shares ‘big pregnancy update’ with fans.

TV personality Joy-Anna Duggar recently posted an update on her third pregnancy and shared news about her doctor.

Duggar opened up about getting ready to give birth, saying her “hormones have been crazy lately.” Last month, the 25-year-old teased her fans with the deadline during a Q&A session on social media.

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Joy-Anna Duggar gives fans a major pregnancy update

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are expecting parents again
Instagram/Joy Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar shared an update on her third pregnancy with fans via a video on her YouTube page. The “19 Kids and Counting” star documented the pregnancy extensively on the channel and shared the video with her husband, Austin Forsyth, who found out they were expecting their third child.

In the new clip, Duggar took fans along to a doctor’s appointment, where she shared sonogram photos and details about the baby’s health. The 25-year-old told fans she was expecting a beautiful baby boy and said the meeting “went well”.


He said lawsuit The day, “The baby measures at 33 weeks. The doctor was like – he said it could just be the position of the baby at this point. The baby moves a lot at this point, so the belly measurement is not completely accurate. Anyway, everything is going well. Everything looked good: blood pressure, vitals, everything, so I’m really excited.”

He talked about being prepared for the inauguration

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are expecting parents again
Instagram/Anna Forsyth

Duggar shared more details with fans about her subsequent medical appointments, saying she’ll soon be going “every week.” He said, “And then at the next meeting, we should be able to schedule my inauguration and have an idea of ​​what we’re going to plan.”

The reality star opened up about how excited she is to be so close to having her baby, saying: “It’s getting real and it’s getting closer.” She added that initially she was ready to give birth and wasn’t worried, but the closer the due date got, the more out of control her hormones got.

Duggar stated, “I was extremely emotional about everything. I’m not excited about having another baby, but I guess what if everything is unknown. If I think about it too long, it’s like, “Okay, what if this, what if that.” So I have to give it to the Lord and trust that everything will be alright.”

Joy-Anna Duggar reveals how many children she wants

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are expecting parents again
Instagram/Joy Forsyth

Last month, Duggar had one Questions and answers session with her fans on social media, where she answered the most common questions, such as how many weeks pregnant she was. The other question was “do you want more children after this?” And Duggar replied, “I said four or five, but we’ll see.”

In the video, Duggar shared, “The other most asked question was, ‘Have you named your baby yet?’ (and) “What’s your baby’s name?” She replied that she and husband Forsyth haven’t named their son yet, but we have a “list of five names” that are options right now.

Did Joy-Anna Duggar shade her father with her son’s name?

In a December video titled “Christmas Time Q&A,” Duggar shared her son’s name clue. When a fan asked for their name ideas, he said, “Just to give you insight, we’re using James as a first name or a middle name. I think it will probably be used as a middle name.”

Duggar explained that Forsyth’s father died a few years ago and promised to use the word “James” for their next son’s name. He said: “James will be involved somewhere. His name was Edwin James Forsyth, and it was about using his name and honoring him that way.”

After dropping a hint, fans were quick to point out that it’s also the name of James Duggar’s father, Jim Bob. They also noted that they loved the couple’s subtle nuances in how they defined “James” as the special between the two of them.

A fan wrote, per The day“I love that the unintentional shade of James is 100% Austin’s grandfather and not Jimbobe at all.”

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