Jordan Alexander Talks About Canceling ‘Gossip Girl’

THE “Rumor nest” did not cause any anger or unhappiness to Canadian actress and star of the series Jordan Alexander. The HBO series was recently canceled after just two seasons, much to the dismay of fans who had been eagerly anticipating a revival.

“Gossip Girl’s” sequel hopes may not be completely dashed, as the shows creator Joshua Safran shared that a frantic search for a new home is underway.

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Jordan Alexander is ‘Just happy’ that ‘Gossip Girl’ happened

while chatting TMZthe Gossip Girl star explained that she wasn’t all that happy about being cancelled, but maintained that she was looking at the positive side of the whole situation.

The actress said, “I’m glad it happened; I’m honestly glad it happened at all.”

Alexander, who played the role of Julien Calloway on the show, told the media that “being on the show was the greatest experience of my life” and would love to do it again if it found a new home.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ revival has been canceled

To the shock of fans, Safran confirmed his own Instagram page that the “Gossip Girl” revival has been canceled. “So here’s the rumor: it is with the heaviest heart that I have to announce that GOSSIP GIRL will not continue on HBO Max,” he wrote alongside a photo of the series’ cast.

He continued, “The EP and I will be forever grateful to the network and studio for their faith and support; writers for their cunning minds and skillful talents; the superstar cast to be the greatest co-workers and friends; and to the crew for their hard work, dedication and love for the project. It was honestly the greatest set I’ve ever worked on, top to bottom.”

HBO Max also confirmed the cancellation of Gossip Girl in a statement Specieswhere they revealed how “grateful” they are to Safran and the other showrunners for “bringing us back to the Upper East Side and the scandals at Constance Billard.”

It continued: “While we’re not moving forward with a third season of Gossip Girl, we thank them for the tantalizing love triangles, calculated backstabbing, and impeccable fashion that this series brought to a new audience.”

‘Gossip Girl’ cancellation sends fans into a frenzy

After it was reported that the third season of the show would not be aired, fans took to social media to express their displeasure about it.

Reacting to the news, one fan wrote: “Shame because the diversity of the cast was absolutely amazing.”


“WE ARE FINALLY FREE KATE OH MY GOD WE NEED A SEASON 3,” wrote one devastated fan.

One heartbroken fan of the show said: “Watching the last episode of Gossip Girl made me sad and I will always miss them.”

“I’ll miss the gossip girl reboot but I wonder what they would have done in s3 bc when they all found out gg’s identity in the finale,” another fan commented.

All hope is not lost for Gossip Girl

The reality of the third season of the show’s reboot may not have completely collapsed, as Safran explained that they are looking for a new platform to air “Gossip Girl” and that it may return at some point in the future.

“We’re looking for another home right now, but in this climate it could be an uphill battle, and if this is the end, at least we’ve gone to the top,” Safran said. statement.

“A big thank you to all the GG fans around the world. You are the reason we came back and who knows, maybe the reason we will meet again. With much love,” he concluded.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Gossip Girl, but Safran didn’t show too much optimism in another interview.

While talking Vanity Fairrevealed that it was “very expensive” to run the show and doesn’t think they’ll get another home to air “Gossip Girl” as all platforms cut costs.

“I don’t think we’ll end up anywhere. We are so expensive again. I am very grateful to have received this. With many extras, we were able to organize events in New York’s biggest venues, which I feel none of us who work on the show – actors, crew – can even believe that this was allowed,” he shared.

“And it costs a lot of money. But it’s all on screen – I think this show is as beautiful as any television show. I just don’t believe we’re going to end up anywhere else because everyone is cutting costs,” added Safran.

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