Jonathan Majors Breaks Up Fight Between Girls In A Bizarre Video

Witnesses caught Marvel star Jonathan Majors separating a fight between two high schoolers during his lunch break on Thursday. The actor who played a professional fighter in the film “Creed 2” jumped in the middle and pulled them apart. He spoke about the experience shortly after and explained why he intervened.

Majors is still dealing with an assault charge with his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The alleged victim accused him of acting violently towards her and got a restraining order against him. After a short hearing on September 6th, a new trial date has been set for September 15th. 

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Jonathan Majors Breaks Up Fight In Bizarre Video


Jonathan Majors separated a physical fight between two Hollywood High School girls on September 14th after coming out of a fast food restaurant. The actor sighted them from across the road and ran into the middle to stop the struggle.

According to clips and photos obtained by TMZ, Majors tried to advise the girls, who were still struggling to get at each other while he was holding them apart. Majors told the high schoolers that whatever the problem was wasn’t worth fighting for and insisted that they stop.

After the incident, the “Loki” actor explained to the news outlet that he was worried for the female students upon seeing them fighting. He then felt the urge to pull them apart and stop them from hurting themselves. Per the publication, the girls went their separate ways shortly after he intercepted them.

Jonathan Majors Is Currently Facing Allegations

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The video of the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” actor separating a fight comes amid his legal troubles.

Majors was first arrested on March 25th after the police responded to a call from 911 involving him. According to TMZ, the actor was in a fight with his then-girlfriend, Jabbari, over some text messages. Jabbari then informed the NYPD that she had been attacked and was hospitalized with some injuries to her neck and head.

Per the first official complaint, Majors hit the alleged victim’s head and face, causing bruises, cuts, and severe pain. Subsequently, Jabbari added that Majors held her right hand behind her back and twisted it. He then allegedly forced her into a car.

Sometime after, Majors got arrested on misdemeanor charges, which were later dropped and a protective order granted in favor of Jabbari. The actor now faces charges of assault, attempted assault, aggravated harassment, and harassment.

He Is Set To Attend Hearing For Assault Charges

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

Six months after the initial assault charge, Majors virtually attended a brief hearing on September 6th. It concluded with the court scheduling the new trial date for September 15th. Per Deadline, the date was initially slated for August but was postponed as the prosecutors requested additional time for discovery.

This followed some criticism from Majors’ legal team, claiming that the information provided by the alleged victim’s team had “shortcomings.” Majors participated in the hearing virtually after attending court in person for the June and August sessions.

His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, released a statement earlier in April stating that Majors was “innocent and has not harmed anyone.” She added, “We have presented undeniable evidence to the District Attorney, proving the charges are untrue. We firmly believe that he will be completely vindicated.”

A few months later, Rolling Stone published a detailed report that included accounts from over 12 sources alleging a history of violent behavior by Majors. The accounts date back to when he attended Yale’s David Geffen School of Drama. One of the sources wrote, “It was widely known that he was a talented actor, and that he also subjected the people he dated to fear and distress.”

The Charges Cost Jonathan Majors Several Career Deals

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

After his role in the 2019 film “The Last Black Man In San Francisco,” Majors rose to fame in the movie industry. However, the actor’s recent charges influenced some brands and franchises to take a break from him. Majors’ agency and public relations team, among others, have parted ways with him.

According to Deadline, the actor and the famous brand Valentino “mutually agreed” that he wouldn’t be showing up for the Met Gala. Majors was also pulled from his role in the upcoming film, “The Man in My Basement,” and has ended his relationship with Entertainment 360.

Despite landing one of his most popular roles as Kang the Conqueror, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his future with the franchise is uncertain. Prior to the controversy, Majors was set to star in the upcoming Avengers film “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” in 2026. It is uncertain whether his current situation will affect his return as Kang, as the MCU, among some other brands, is yet to comment on the matter.

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