Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of emotionally abusing her

Jonah Hillhe had a girlfriend Sarah Bradyaccused the actor of being a “misogynist” and a “narcissist” in a series of Instagram posts.

Brady shared screenshots of Hill’s alleged messages, revealing heated arguments during their relationship. The messages outlined Hill’s strict “boundaries,” which included limiting interactions between Brady and the men, posting certain images and maintaining past friendships.

Brady warned his followers against abuse of boundaries and urged anyone faced with similar behavior to have an exit plan.

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Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of being a misogynist

Sarah Brady's ex-girlfriend has described Jonah Hill as emotionally abusive and a

Sarah Brady, the former girlfriend of actor Jonah Hill, has recently made serious accusations against him on social media. In a series of Instagram posts, Brady called the 39-year-old “a”a misogynist” and a “narcissist”.

The surfer shared a screenshot of the messages she claims Hill sent, seemingly revealing heated arguments during their relationship.

On his Instagram Stories page, Brady captioned the post “F**k it” before sharing a screenshot purportedly containing messages he exchanged with Hill on December 2, 2021.

Sarah Brady reveals what Jonah Hill’s ‘boundaries’ were.

Jonah Hill at the World Premiere of Netflix's 'Don't Look Up', Arrivals, New York

Hill’s initial alleged text, which was quite extensive, outlined a series of behaviors she believed would be unacceptable if she and Brady were romantically involved. Based on Daily Maillisted restrictions included activities such as “surfing with men,” “inappropriate friendships with men,” and even posting pictures in swimsuits.

She also made it clear that if Brady feels like “modeling” or sharing “sexual images” or has had friendships with women from his “wild past,” then he considers himself unfit to be a partner.

In another series of alleged messages shared by Brady, it was claimed that Hill wanted to exercise complete control over Brady’s social relationships and only allow him to spend time with friends he personally approved of.

Hill, who recently became a father, emphasized: “If these things bring happiness, I support them and there will be no hard feelings. These are my limits for a romantic partnership.” He added, “My boundaries with you are based on how these actions violated our trust.”

Sarah Brady: Warning to all girls

Addressing his more than 100,000 followers, Brady highlighted the depressing abuses of the term ‘boundaries’, commenting: ‘See the misuse of the term ‘boundaries’? She went on to portray her post as a poignant “warning to all girls”.

Accompanying a screenshot that appeared to capture a moment of frustration, where Hill expressed her discomfort with social media photos showing her in a revealing thong, Brady asked his audience to put their well-being first. “If your partner talks to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need an ear,” added Per Daily Mail.

Jonah Hill

Brady claimed that his ex-boyfriend’s criticisms stemmed from a desire to exert control over him. She candidly explained that she agreed to his demands, fearing that not doing so would add to his “crippling anxiety.”

Acknowledging his recovery journey, Brady wrote, “It’s been a year of healing and growth with the help of loved ones and doctors to live my life again without guilt, shame or self-judgment for little things like surfing. swimsuit rather than a more conservative wetsuit.”

He concluded: “And I’m sure there’s a lot more healing ahead of me from this abuse.”

Sarah Brady hopes Jonah Hill has a daughter

Jonah Hill is no longer promoting his movies

In her post on Friday, Brady revealed that she decided to share her story publicly “because keeping it to myself has done more damage to my mental health than sharing it.” She also revealed that she took the “blame” for Hill’s actions during their therapy sessions.

In an impassioned statement against her former partner, she noted: “I hope my ex has a daughter and maybe turns her into a real feminist.”

“Because the fact that she’s calling herself a feminist right now is ridiculous… If I could make one wish for her, it would be to be surrounded by feminist men who can hold her accountable so that she can grow in the way she’s expressed what she wants. ” he added.

Jonah Hill was seen with his girlfriend in front of the Paris theater in New York

On the other hand, Hill has yet to address Brady’s offensive allegations. However, in a shocking twist, the actor’s clothing brand Meaningful Existence is said to be selling ’emotional luggage boxes’ emblazoned with ‘Complete Unrelenting Control’.

Based on Page six, the tote bag is $30. The same message on the bag also appears on hats, t-shirts and socks, all of which are available for purchase The Meaningful Existence Website.

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