John Wick dominates all home viewing charts on VOD

“John Wick” titles took six of the 20 spots on iTunes and Google Play — including pre-sales for the theatrical release.

“The Whale” (Lionsgate, $5.99) was No. 1 in two of the three VOD charts this week, and with Brendan Fraser’s best actor Oscar win, it sparked significant new interest in Darren Aronofsky’s film. It leads the iTunes and Google Play markets, while its lower price has put it behind two $19.99 titles on revenue-calculating Vudu.

However, it will make the biggest impact this week when “John Wick: Chapter 4” debuts in theaters. Previous titles in the Lionsgate action franchise occupied six of the top 20 spots on iTunes and Google Play. That’s less likely on the revenue-driven Vudu chart, where the previous three titles are available for $3.99.

But even “Wick 4” has shown interest — despite not being immediately available outside of theaters. Most platforms announced EST (buy digital download) pre-sales on Friday, though that opportunity will be weeks or months away. It is currently ranked #4, but was briefly ranked #1 over the weekend.

Titles not yet seen on the iTunes charts “Avatar: The Way of Water” (Disney, $19.99) held the top spot for most of the week ahead of its March 28 release. He is currently ranked #3, which means a near-certain position at #1 everywhere next week.

The predictable sometimes doesn’t happen. Case in point: “Cocaine Bear” (Universal, $19.99) seemed like a sure bet at automatic No. 1, but never reached No. 2 on iTunes and Google Play. It’s been #1 on Vudu for two weeks now, and its higher price is driving up total revenue.

"Children of the Corn"

“Children of the Corn”

Courtesy of RLJE Films

“Cocaine Bear” and “The Whale” were joined by “A Man Called Otto” (Sony) and “Puss in Boots: The Last Exit” (Universal), both at $5.99 on all three lists. “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” (Lionsgate, $19.99) had two chart-toppers to No. 2 on Vudu. The three-year-old “Children of the Corn” (RLJE, $6.99), which has just been shown in domestic cinemas, has also been added to Vudu’s list.

Netflix is ​​mostly non-original, with two in-house titles either remaining (“Luther: The Fallen Sun”) at #3 or a rare older title returning (“Murder Mystery,” #8). The 2019 original comedy thriller starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston opens on Friday, April 1.

The top two films are genre titles that may seem new to many Netflix subscribers. “I See You” with Helen Hunt in a 2019 kidnapping thriller is #1. 2018’s “Dragged Across Concrete,” starring Mel Gilbson and Vince Vaughn as rogue cops, is No. 2.

iTunes and Google Play rank movies daily based on the number of transactions. These listings are as of Monday, March 27th. The distributors listed are current rights holders. All address prices are for rent.


1. The whale (A24) – $5.99

2. A man named Otto (Sony) – $5.99

3. Avatar: The Way of Water (Disney) – $19.99

4. John Wick: Chapter 4 (Lionsgate) – $19.99

5. Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (Lionsgate) – $19.99

6. Cocaine Bear (Universal) – $19.99

7. Puss in Boots: The last wish (Universal) – $5.99

8. John Wick 1-3 (Lionsgate) – $14.99

9. M3GAN (Universal) – $5.99

10. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (Lionsgate) – $3.99

Google Play

1. The whale (A24) – $19.99

2. Cocaine Bear (Universal) – $19.99

3. A man named Otto (Sony) – $14.99

4. Puss in Boots: The last wish (Universal) – $19.99

5. The unbearable weight of great talent (Lionsgate) – $5.99

6. Dragon Ball Super: Superhero (Crunchyroll) – $9.99

7. Everything everywhere at once (A24) – $19.99

8. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (Lionsgate) – $3.99

9. John Wick (Lionsgate) – $3.99

10. John Wick: Chapter 2 (Lionsgate) – $3.99


Vudu ranks based on revenue, not transactions, promoting premium VOD titles. This list is March 20-26.

1. Cocaine Bear (Universal) – $19.99

2. Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre (Lionsgate) – $19.99

3. The whale (A24) – $19.99

4. Plane (Lionsgate) – $19.99

5. Knock in the cabin (Universal) – $19.99

6. Puss in Boots: The last wish (Universal) – $19.99

7. A man called Otto (Sony) – $5.99

8. Children of the Corn (RLJ) – $6.99

9. Everything everywhere at once (A24) – $19.99

10. M3GAN (Universal) – $5.99

Pulled through concrete

“Drawn through the concrete”

Netflix movies

The most watched, current ranking on Netflix’s daily hit list for Monday, March 27. Originals also include titles produced and purchased by Netflix, which will initially be shown in the United States. Every Tuesday, Netflix releases its own weekly top 10 based on watch time.

1. I see you (2019 cinema release)

2. Pulled through concrete (2019 cinema release)

3. Luther: The Fallen Sun (Netflix UK Original)

4. Minions: The Rise of Gru (cinema release in 2022)

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013 cinema release)

6. Sing 2 (cinema release in 2021)

7. Riddick (2013 cinema release)

8. Murder mystery (2019 Netflix Original)

9. The Hunger Games (2012 cinema release)

10. The Chronicles of Riddick (2004 theatrical release)

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