John Mayer Joins ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast For New Solo Tour!

John Mayer back on tour baby!

The enthusiastic singer announced his solo acoustic arena tour on Instagram on January 26th.

John Mayer goes on tour…SOLO!!!

Along with the announcement, he wrote a long message.

“I’m going on a solo arena tour. I started my career with just a guitar and a microphone on stage. A lot has changed since then, but I knew that one day I would feel in my heart to do a whole series by myself again, just like in the early days,” Mayer wrote. “It took a couple of decades, but now I feel it. I will play old songs. More songs. Songs you haven’t heard before that I’m going to test out – all acoustic, electric and piano.”

Tickets for Mayer fans go on sale to the general public on Friday, February 3rdrd at 9 a.m. Pre-sale begins Wednesday, February 1street.

“John Solo…May the Force Be With You”


Gigi Hadid said: “!!

Zane Carney responded: “This is going to be crazy!!! One of my favorite memories from our Born and Raised/Paradise Valley run was listening to you guys play Walt Grace from the side stage when he pulled it out mid-set. People are not ready for how amazing these standalone shows are going to be! ❤️❤️❤️”

“He’s Done It Again” and “John Solo. May the force be with you,” were further comments on his announcement.

Mayer appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast in December.

Mayer talked about his future music on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast

Host Alex Cooper Mayer asked about his upcoming musical plans.

When asked what “metaphorically” keeps him up at night, the singer revealed: “Should I put out a whole record as my next release or one song at a time. You can’t tell.”

He explained that if you put out a full record, it takes about a week to build up popularity and fervor.

“But a song gets repeated takes at the same time. He repeated looking at the ball,” he explained.

Well, it looks like he’s ditched that idea and is putting it all into his solo arena tour.

Cooper also inquired about how he feels performing on stage in front of thousands of fans.

John Mayer credits the ‘CHD’ podcast for spurring the tour

“It’s its own dimension. It’s its own dimension. This is what I will say about the record: “I’m different from most musicians in that I don’t feed off the energy of the crowd. It’s not a drug for me,” he admitted.

“Father Cooper” shared Mayer’s news, captioning the screenshot: “DADDY GANG I’m convinced we had something to do with this… he’s back!! A full acoustic tour just for him, I’ll be there, who else is going? @johnmayer much appreciated.

Instagram / Alexandra Cooper

Mayer reposted Cooper’s IG Story and responded to his post with, “You totally did it @alexandracooper @callherdaddy.”

Instagram / John Mayer

Cooper was overwhelmed with joy and responded by sharing three happy, teary-eyed emojis.

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