Joe Manganiello’s’Deal Or No Deal’ Hosting Gig Receives Backlash

For the first time, Joe Manganiello’s Hollywood hunk charms are not enough to win viewers’ hearts!

Fans refused to accept the Pittsburgh native as Howie Mandel’s replacement on NBC’s iconic game show.

Joe Manganiello Not Accepted By Fans As He Picks Up The ‘Deal Or No Deal’ Baton

The “True Blood” star was recently announced as the next host of the revamped “Deal or No Deal” series. Instead of taking place inside a studio, the new program shall be filmed on an undisclosed island, a setting Mandel could not endure.

In true Mandel fashion, the Canadian sensation hilariously welcomed his protégé, hoping to have viewers excited for the show. However, the responses were far from pleased.

Joe Manganiello announced as new host of "Deal or No Deal"
Instagram | Deal Or No Deal

The news of Mandel’s retirement as the game show’s host came in an Instagram post. The video captured the 67-year-old holding the series’ iconic briefcase in an empty studio. Mandel said the new show would feature “bigger money” and “harrowing challenges.” The TV program would also take place on “an undisclosed island location a world away from civilization.”

Acting surprised by his announcement, Mandel declared he could not be part of the filming as a germaphobe. “I don’t even shake hands! There will be like bugs and snakes – I can’t go. I can’t do it, I can’t host it!” The comedian wailed before noting the show would need a braver host.

Listing the preferred qualities of his replacement, the “Canada’s Got Talent” judge stressed the next host would have to be “someone adventurous, someone who loves games, someone who’s good-looking like me.”

“Not your average Joe,” he teased as the lights flickered to reveal Manganiello in a similar all-black attire. The Canadian sensation passed on the briefcase containing various items, including plane tickets, gloves, and ointment, to his protégé, who received the torch.

Once Mandel walked off, the Hollywood hunk opened the briefcase and smiled at the camera, saying: “We’re going to have a good time.” Despite his fun introduction as the “Deal or No Deal” game show’s next host, avid fans were disappointed by the replacement.

Howie Mandel arriving to the 'America's Got Talent'

Expressing their disinterest in a new host, many called out Mandel’s name in the comments while bashing Manganiello for daring to believe he could replace their beloved idol. “Howie is Deal or No Deal, sorry, Joe ain’t going to cut it,” a devotee declared.

“You’ll never be Howie,” another brutal response read, while a third expressed excitement for the show but noted they wanted the comedian. “Yesssssssss, but I’m happy to rather have Howie be the host,” the individual wailed.

“I won’t even watch Deal or No Deal if Howie isn’t the host,” someone vowed, with another displeased fan chiming: “Let’s go! Wish Howie was hosting again tho.” The cries for Mandel did not end there as more social media users penned their sadness.

“Yessss!!! Sad Howie won’t be hosting. I absolutely love Deal or No Deal!” One of the game show’s viewers wrote. “Nobody watching if Howie not hosting,” another claimed. Someone echoed similar sentiments, noting the show “Needs HOSTED by Howie, lol, not just produced. Not gonna be as good.”

While many lamented Mandel’s replacement, others were shocked by his involvement with Manganiello, given his close relationship with the entertainer’s ex-wife, Sofia Vergara. “So Howie is working with his coworker Sofia and now her ex-husband. Interesting,” an Instagram user pointed out. “Did Sofia ok it?” Another curious fan wondered.

Inside The Revamped’ Deal Or No Deal Island’ Game Show

The beloved TV show is making a spectacular return with a new spin by bringing the “Magic Mike” star to take on the adventure-filled “Deal or No Deal Island.” The revamped program follows the iconic game of 13 players. However, the twist is that they will placed on the mysterious banker’s private island.

There, the competitors will fight for cash in a mesmerizing season-long contest. The new show will reportedly combine exciting challenges, intriguing dilemmas, and the classic “Deal or No Deal” game as contestants try to defeat the banker.

As for Manganiello, the Pittsburgh native will guide the 13 players throughout the game, sharing the banker’s enticing offers and helping them make the best decisions. NBC Universal Entertainment’s executive Corie Henson had this to say about the actor’s role:

“When we took the show out of the studio and transported the game to the Banker’s island, Joe was the obvious choice. He loves all kinds of games, lives for adventure, and isn’t afraid to stare down a snake or two to help players win a life-changing payday and, hopefully, beat the Banker at his own game.” 

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