Joe Jonas Is ‘Committed To Making’ Mediation With Sophie Turner Work

Joe Jonas reportedly seeks an amicable resolution with Sophie Turner in their divorce, particularly regarding their children. Mediation between the former couple began in New York City to establish a co-parenting plan for their daughters, Willa and Delphine.

Jonas and Turner’s divorce turned nasty when the actress accused the singer of “abducting” their daughters in a lawsuit. At the time, Turner demanded the “immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained.”

Turner also alleged in her lawsuit that she learned of her divorce through the media and that the “breakdown” of her marriage happened “very suddenly.”

Joe Jonas Is ‘Committed To Making It Work’ With Sophie Turner In Mediation

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner

According to an insider, Joe Jonas aims for an amicable resolution with his estranged wife, Sophie Turner, amid their divorce proceedings, which became messy over child custody disputes.

The source disclosed to Page Six that the “Sucker” singer is “committed to making it work with Sophie in mediation and doesn’t want to put up a fight — as long as they can come to a fair agreement on the kids.”

The mediation process began in New York City on Wednesday and is scheduled to span four days, with their lawyers emphasizing the goal of establishing a co-parenting plan for their two daughters: Willa, aged 3, and Delphine, aged 1.

‘Mediation Is A Way To Make The Headlines Disappear’

Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner strolling in Los Angeles

During the scheduled mediation, Turner’s lawyer, Stephen Cullen, intended to go “full hog” and “resolve the matter” under the international Hague Convention Treaty laws.

Jonas’ legal team, led by Richard Min, also supported the mediation process, emphasizing that his team is “optimistic they have given space to mediate, and four days is enough time.”

LA-based family law specialist Steve Mindel mentioned to People magazine that private mediation allows both parties to resolve their issues discreetly. He noted, “Mediation is a common way to make headlines disappear.”

“At this point, Joe and Sophie have to sit down and make a decision — and the mediator will help them make that decision — as to whether or not they want to be public with this,” he continued.

“If the mediation proves successful, Jonas and Turner will likely hatch a custody agreement that extends roughly three years to when their eldest, Willa, will attend kindergarten,” Mindel added. “That’s probably about as far as they’re going to get in this mediation.” 

Sophie Turner Demands ‘Immediate Return’ Of Their Kids To Their ‘Forever Home’

Joe Jonas Preparing To Divorce Sophie Turner For 'A Very Long Time'

The child custody drama started in September when Turner initiated a lawsuit against Jonas demanding their children’s “immediate return” to their planned “forever home” in England following their separation.

In court documents obtained by Page Six, the “Game of Thrones” actress alleged that Jonas kept their daughters, Willa and Delphine, in the U.S. by withholding their passports.

Jonas’ representative countered this claim, asserting the singer’s willingness for the kids to be raised “both in the U.S. and the U.K.” and described Turner’s use of “abduction” in the legal filing as “misleading at best and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst.”

A federal judge in Manhattan has set the custody battle trial date for January 2, 2024. In the meantime, the estranged couple has agreed to keep their daughters in New York City.

What Caused Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Divorce?

Joe Jonas and Sophie turner go to Petco with their dog

According to previous legal filings, Jonas and Turner’s three-year marriage deteriorated rapidly in August after Jonas reportedly witnessed Turner insulting him through their Ring camera system.

Two weeks later, the “Waffle House” hitmaker filed for divorce, citing that their relationship was “irretrievably broken.” Sources close to the singer alleged that Turner frequently partied, leaving him to care for their daughters.

Despite their earlier joint statement claiming their divorce was a “united decision,” the “Dark Phoenix” actress asserted in her lawsuit that she learned about Jonas leaving her “through the media,” a claim he denied.

An insider also revealed to Page Six that “divorce was a last resort” for Jonas, who felt he had exhausted “all options to salvage the marriage.”

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