Joe Exotic Splits From Seth Posey, Claims He Was Unsupportive

“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic has decided to end things with Seth Posey after some self-reflection. Exotic revealed in a letter that he did not believe his former fiancé was being supportive and caring enough. This comes after Exotic finalized his divorce with Dillon Passage in March.

Shortly after, Exotic almost wedded one of his fellow inmates, John Graham, who split from him after getting out. Exotic was sentenced to prison in 2020 for his involvement in a conspiracy to commit murder. 

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Joe Exotic Has Ended Things With Seth Posey

Joe Exotic with a tiger
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“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic has reportedly broken up with his actor boyfriend, Seth Posey, for good. Exotic revealed in a message to TMZ that they both decided it was best to end things. In a letter he shared, he explained that part of the many reasons was Posey’s nonchalance. Exotic specifically noted that his ex-fiancé refused to help him get out of prison.

The former zookeeper was sentenced to prison in 2020 after being associated with a conspiracy to murder a colleague, Carole Baskin. 

In the letter, Exotic also revealed that Posey was too overwhelmed by his popularity. “The public pressure is more than he knows how to deal with and I need someone more supportive to get home,” he wrote.

He Thanked Seth Posey For Helping Him And Wishe Him Well

Seth Posey
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In the handwritten letter, the “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” star revealed that he had no “bad” things to say about his former fiancé. He also appreciated Posey for being there for him through their two years together. Exotic noted, “Seth was there to answer the phone for over two years and helped me mentally fight cancer.”

He then wished the actor and his family good years ahead and specifically thanked his mother for supporting him. Exotic said, “His mother was amazing to me and I wish him, his mom, and his son well on their journey.” Exotic added, “He has a long hard road ahead of him in life to get on board…” The 60-year-old further revealed in the letter that he had plans to date an older and more mature person than Posey in the future.

Joe Exotic Getting Early Release From Prison

He stated that his next partner would be more supportive and “will be a huge part of his life.” The “Shooting Joe Exotic” star met Posey during an online competition, “Bachelor King,” while asking for applications from contestants interested in dating him. Posey, who won the contest, got into a relationship with Exotic and split shortly after. However, they rekindled their romance but have now broken up a second time.

Joe Exotic Got Divorced From Dillon Passage In March

Joe Exotic, Dillon Passage
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After tying the knot with Passage in 2017, Exotic announced that he was getting a divorce in 2021. The process was officially concluded in January this year when a Santa Rosa County judge signed off on the split, per TMZ

Per documents shared by the news outlet, the Tiger King explained that the marriage was broken beyond repair. Exotic and Passage had also been estranged for over a year before the split. While Passage initially brought up the divorce, Exotic decided to go through with the plans even though he was heartbroken.

Dillon revealed, however, that he wished the actor well and had no ill feelings towards him. He promised to keep supporting Exotic from outside prison and remain on good terms with him. However, he was unsure whether Exotic would share the sentiment. The “Tiger King” star was previously married to Travis Maldonado, who passed away in a tragic accident.

Joe Exotic Was Going To Marry A Fellow Inmate

Joe Exotic
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The former zookeeper began a relationship with his fellow inmate Graham, whom he intended to marry. However, the duo’s plans were soiled after Graham ended the relationship following his release from prison. 

John Graham, Joe Exotic's lover pictured on his Instagram page
Instagram | Joe Exotic

At the time, Autumn Blackledge, his attorney, spoke about Exotic’s relationship with Graham to TMZ. He revealed that they met in February 2021 during their time at the FMC Fort Worth in Texas. However, Graham ended things after spending over a decade in prison for firearm possession and burglary.

The pair seemed very serious about getting married, even going as far as getting a designer to arrange their wedding clothes.

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