Joe Exotic says Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ ruined his life

Joe Exotic he recently considered Netflix’s hit series ‘Tiger King’ to be the worst thing that happened to him, despite its massive popularity.

In an interview, he spoke candidly about the show, saying that the editing and production were twisted to increase ratings and create a false conspiracy.

But Exotic says he has forgiven anyone who tarnished his reputation, including longtime rival Carole Baskin. As she faces the reality of her incarceration, Exotic makes end-of-life plans, leaving all of her possessions to her fiancé, Seth Posey.

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Joe Exotic says “Tiger King” is the worst thing that could happen to him

Joe Exotic's nemesis Carole Baskin wants out of Tiger King 2

Joe Exotic, the infamous character who starred in Netflix’s hit series ‘Tiger King’, recently opened up about the impact the show has had on his life. While talking TMZ From a federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was serving a long sentence for animal cruelty and the attempted murder of rival Carole Baskin, Exotic revealed that the series was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

According to Exotic, the documentary portraying him as Baskin’s potential killer damaged his reputation and negatively affected his well-being. He said that all the footage he shot was intended for a separate project, years before the idea of ​​”Tiger King” was born.

Exotic also maintains that the show’s producers sabotaged her interview and combined it with footage of other people to create a false narrative of a “plot to kill Carole” solely to appeal to viewers and increase ratings.

Joe Exotic says he has forgiven Carole Baskin

Carole Baskin Dancing with the Stars - Rehearsal

As the TV star faces the possibility of death in prison, Exotic has made peace with himself and everyone else, and says he’s found a way to forgive former rivals Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe.

Exotic stated, “You know, I’ve already forgiven him and I’ve forgiven Jeff and James and Lauren and everybody involved in this case.” He added: “Am I going to forget? Never. Because I’ve been through hell for the past five years, but will I forgive you? I really have no hard feelings. I never had any hard feelings against Carole Baskin.”

Reflecting on the bitter rivalry with Baskin, Exotic believes their feud is rooted in sound business maneuvering, which he says is expected in the animal rescue industry. He also admits that both he and Baskin benefited from their rivalry.

In retrospect, the former Eastvale police chief also shared that the zoo is his biggest regret in life and that he wishes he had never met Lowe, whom he calls a “corrupt bastard.”

He refuses treatment for prostate cancer

Joe Exotic
Instagram/Joe Exotic

According to reports, Exotic’s medical team believe his prostate cancer has spread to his bladder, but the 59-year-old has refused treatment. Based on TMZthe reality star revealed that she recently had blood in her urine and has bled a lot during her cancer treatments.

She has seen her urologist, who now believes the cancer has spread to her bladder, but wants more tests to confirm this. However, Exotic reportedly chose not to receive treatment and signed a (DNR) do-not-resuscitate order, writing, “I want to stay here and let it run its course.”

Despite an ongoing health battle, Exotic maintains his innocence and says he will never stop fighting for his freedom. in a letter obtained by TMZwrote: “The world needs to know how corrupt our justice system is… If I have to die here innocently fighting for justice, maybe people around the world will finally speak up for justice.”

Joe Exotic is writing a new will, with fiance Seth Posey as the sole beneficiary

Joe Exotic with a tiger
Instagram/Joe Exotic

In a shocking revelation, Exotic revealed that she had signed a new will, leaving everything she could to fiancé Seth Posey with a rather unusual provision. According to the phone call recorded at the jail TMZthe star made it clear that she wanted to leave her entire estate to Posey, and that if she died before Exotic, the estate would go to Posey’s son Cameron.

The former zoo operator has been adamant that she doesn’t want anyone else to receive her valuables, including her ex-husband Dillon Passage, former business partner Lowe or family members. He said he was the only one with Posey and was “sick of people standing in line waiting to collect his stuff.” The couple met online when Posey won Exotic’s 2021 “Bachelor King.”

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