Jimmy Kimmel interviews himself via Deepfake – Watch

The 20th anniversary episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” George Clooney, Snoop Dogg and Chris Martin from Coldplay also appeared as guests.

On January 26, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” 20th anniversary, which was the longest tenure of any current late-night host in the United States. To celebrate, ABC aired a special prime-time episode of the show featuring a look back at the show’s original 2003 premiere — including the entire guest cast from the show’s very first episode, along with George Clooney, Snoop Dogg and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. But the most surprising comeback was an interview Kimmel did with a very familiar guest: herself.

In a segment of the 20th anniversary special, Kimmel showed the audience a picture of him back in 2003, when the ABC series first aired. However, the photo malfunctioned and the younger Kimmel sprang to life and began talking to his older colleague about the changes that had taken place over the two decades, including the death of celebrities such as Michael Jackson, the invention of electronic cigarettes, the legalization of weed and Donald Trump. Trump’s presidency.

– Will the show still be on in 20 years? asks the younger Kimmel. “Does not make sense!”

“I know, that doesn’t make any sense,” replies the older Kimmel.

The Kimmel-on-Kimmel conversation was created using a special variation of deepfake technology created specifically for the show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” spokesperson. he told IndieWire, though he did not elaborate on the methods used for the segment. Deep spoofs in general are becoming more common in TV and movies as a way to impersonate celebrities for comedic purposes.

This month was the British ITV introduction the sketch series “Deep Fake Neighbor Wars,” where performers use deep fakes to act out unsettling variations of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Tom Holland and Idris Elba. Last year, Kendrick Lamar released a music video for his single “The Heart Part 5,” featuring deep-fake versions of OJ Simpson, Jussie Smollett, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant and Kanye West. The deepfakes seen in the video were created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Deep Voodoo studio – who recently revealed plans to make a deepfake film about former President Donald Trump.

Watch the full episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’! below.


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