Jimmie Allen dumped the record label amid waves of scandal

Jimmie Allen’s record label has permanently severed all ties with him following further allegations of sexual misconduct.

As it turns out, another woman has accused the music star in a new lawsuit, claiming he sexually assaulted her and recorded the incident without her consent. The case is the latest legal challenge facing Allen, who was first accused of sexual assault, harassment, sex trafficking and false imprisonment by an unidentified former manager just a month ago.

Jimmie Allen has dropped out of his Nashville record company amid legal woes

Known for hits like “Make Me Want To” and “Best Shot,” Allen’s life continued on a downward spiral due to allegations of sexual harassment and bullying. In the latest twist, Broken Bow Records (BBR) Music Group dropped the 37-year-old man through and issued a statement to that effect Species:

“BBR Music Group has severed ties with Jimmie Allen. He is no longer an active artist on the list.”

Although he has since denied allegations that he raped and sexually assaulted his former manager over an 18-month period, calling them “not only false but extremely damaging,” the latest Jane Doe 2 allegations have damaged his remaining credibility. .

Jimmie Allen is seen in the dance studio

In papers filed June 9, Doe claimed she was unaware of Allen’s fame when they first met on a flight to Nashville in May 2022. He soon met her after they struck up a conversation and “Freedom was a highway. ” the singer’s bodyguard provided her phone number on her behalf.

Over the next couple of months, Doe 2 and the “Be Alright” singer communicated constantly via FaceTime and text, eventually “expressing his love for her and telling her that he could see a future together.”

The plaintiff explained in the documents that although he repeatedly asked the father of five about his wife, Alexis Gale, he “assured her that he and his wife were living separately” – the couple did not file for divorce until April 2023, after they were married. for nearly three years.

The lawsuit also alleged that Doe 2 and Allen later met in Las Vegas, where the former felt “comfortable and safe” in the superstar’s hotel room because she was told she would have her own room. The presence of Milton-born celebrity bodyguard Charles Hurd also calmed his nerves.

Although the unidentified woman admitted that she “willingly” joined the accused in the bedroom, she stated that she did not consent to sex without a condom and her repeated requests to pull herself out before ejaculating allegedly fell on deaf ears.

Doe 2 then stated that she was unaware that the This Is Us singer had taped their meeting. When he passed out and she tried to leave the hotel room, he allegedly noticed her phone filming them from the closet. He immediately tried to delete the recording before taking the device and handing it over to the local police when he got home to file a police report.

Jimmie Allen at the 55th Academy Of Country Music Awards

While Allen was suspended by BBR Music Group, talent agency UTA and management company The Familie when the allegations first came to light last month, his publicity team Full Coverage Communications immediately dropped him.

The CMT Music Award nominee publicly apologized to his soon-to-be ex-wife

In May, The Blast reported that the country musician publicly apologized to his wife days after he was accused of sexual misconduct. In the caption of a since-deleted Instagram post, he began:

“I want to publicly apologize to my wife Alexis for humiliating her with my relationship. I’m embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on him. This is what he did not deserve at all.”

“I would also like to apologize to my children for setting a bad example as a man and a father. I am working to be a better person that my children can be proud of. My goal is to be better than the generation before me,” Allen continued.

After admitting that the stress of the music industry can cause stars to lose everything they’ve worked for, he expressed his shame for not being able to resist temptation.

He closed with a plea to others to seek help when needed, stressing that embracing vulnerabilities and having a support network are key. It’s worth noting that Gale is currently pregnant with her and Allen’s third child together.

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