Jim Jarmusch hints that there may be no music in the next film

“It’s a very subtle film. It’s very quiet,” Jarmusch said of the feature film, which opens this fall.

Jim Jarmusch has said that his upcoming film will likely go into production this fall, but it may not feature music.

“The movie we’re doing right now for the end of the year probably doesn’t have music,” Jarmusch said during the “Only Lovers Left Alive” anniversary panel at the 2023 Overlook Film Festival. The playlist).

Jarmusch continued, “It’s a very fine film; very quiet. And I think music can move you too much in one direction – it’s a funny and sad movie, right? Somehow both are woven into it. I don’t know if I want to add music to something else. So far he doesn’t really want to.”

The “Paterson” filmmaker is known for his film score choices, including musicians such as Tom Waits, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Joe Strummer, Jack White and RZA. Jarmusch also directed Iggy’s pop music documentary ‘Gimme Danger’, Neil Young’s tour documentary ‘Year of the Horse’ and Cat Power’s ‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’ music video.

Jarmusch’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled feature will be his first film since 2019’s Dead Don’t Die. Jarmusch has since directed the short film “French Water” for Saint Laurent starring Julianne Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chloë Sevigny, Indya Moore and Leo Reilly, son of musician John C. Reilly.

“For me, music is the most beautiful form, and I love film because film is very connected to music. It moves next to you in its own rhythm,” said Jarmusch (via Far Out UK). “It’s not like reading a book or looking at a painting. It gives it its own time frame, like music, so for me they are very connected. But for me, music is the biggest inspiration. When I get depressed or whatever, I go, “think of the music I haven’t even heard!” So, that’s the only thing. Imagine the world without music. Man, just give me a gun, okay?

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