Jill Duggar Claims Jim Bob Favors Pedophile Brother Josh Duggar

Jill Duggar is sharing more explosive secrets about her family in her new memoir!

Months after a bombshell documentary about the Duggar clan’s dark “cult-like” religion shook the world, the second daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar penned her experiences growing up in the ultra-conservative home.

Her memoir, “Counting the Cost,” addressed several topics about her childhood and her relationship with her parents. A snippet from the book revealed the 32-year-old and her husband, Derick Dillard, butted heads with the family’s patriarch over his favoritism.

Jill Duggar Claims Jim Bob Favors Josh Duggar Over Her Despite His Pedophilic Crimes

Jill Duggar

In the excerpt of the “19 Kids and Counting” star’s memoir, co-written by her husband and Craig Brolase, the media personality recalled an incident where she tried resolving her strained relationship with her parents. The relatives clashed after the mother of three accused her dad of verbal abuse.

The snippet, shared by PEOPLE, detailed the emotional scene involving Jill, Derick, her folks, and a mediator. Before the intervention started, Jim Bob had taken a video with a female fan outside the building, a tender moment that did not escape his daughter’s sight.

Inside the meeting venue, the “Growing Up Duggar” co-author stated she was nervous facing her parents. However, she wished to fix the burned bridges and return to their peaceful moments. The former reality TV star wrote:

“There have been some very hurtful things that have happened, and so we wanted to sort it all out. To have a good discussion together. We love y’all, and I know we all hope to be able to restore family relationships very soon.”

Jill noted that as soon as the words left her mouth, her father’s body language became defensive. Jim Bob was no longer wearing the bright smile he had while filming the video with the female fan, and his eyes had shifted into “a scowl that had been sculpted out of rock.”

The patriarch was upset about the letter he had received from his daughter and son-in-law, a message Michelle described as the “most disrespectful thing” she had ever read. The “Counting On” star noted in the excerpt that she never intended to hurt her parents. However, her father did not care about the reasons.

The Duggar Family

“You sent me a text message, Jill. You said I was verbally abusing you. I was so offended by that, too. You know in your heart that’s not right. Are you going to apologize for that?” Jim Bob slammed his daughter. His anger skyrocketed when the 32-year-old remained mute, refusing to apologize for voicing her pain.

The 58-year-old stood up, closing the space between them and he towered over his daughter with “his whole body fueled with anger.” Jill described the moment as an “act of aggression,” claiming her eyes welled up with tears as she held hands with Derick, consciously begging him to restrain himself.

While she stopped her husband from retaliating, Jim Bob scolded her for crying and claimed her guilty consciousness caused her tears. Unable to take any more insults, the Tontitown native clapped back at her father for treating her poorly.

The mother of three explained that her father acted like she was a “horrible person” for having a nose ring and wearing trousers. Despite evolving and changing like the female fan Jim Bob had favored, she was shamed for being herself. 

Jill Duggar's releases new memoir "Counting The Cost"
Instagram | Jill Duggar

Dropping the final blow, the 32-year-old wrote: “You treat me like I’m a prodigal who’s turned her back on you. You treat me worse than you treat my pedophile brother.”

Jill Duggar Claims ‘Anger Can Be a Good Thing’ When Addressing Her Convicted Brother

Ahead of the September 12 release date for her “Counting the Cost” memoir, the media personality opened up about her brother’s sexual abuse saga. In the candid interview, the mother of three noted, “It’s still really upsetting” to think about her heartbreaking past.

In her book, the entertainer reflected on the misery she and three of her sisters felt after a judge did not accept their “invasion of privacy” lawsuit in 2022. The group filed the suit against those who allegedly released a private police report that described how their older brother had molested them.

The 2003 filing was never supposed to be in a public space, per Derick, who explained that the girls had been assured their conversation with authorities happened in a “safe place.” The suit was initially postponed in 2021 before a judge dismissed it in 2022 following Josh’s conviction on child pornography charges.

Josh Duggar smiles in new mugshot photograph

Regarding her feelings about her brother, the 32-year-old confessed she was still angry. “People are quick to say, ‘Oh, anger is bad,’ but I’m like, ‘No, anger can be a good thing.’ Especially when it propels you to advocate for people finding their voice,” Jill claimed.

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