Jessie J gets candid about the struggles of motherhood

A story of hope! In an upcoming post, Jessie J details her powerful motherhood journey as she shares precious family moments with her miracle baby.

The sensational singer is one of the most well-known entertainers in the world, given her status as a powerful singer. Outside of music, the English entertainer has amassed a significant following with his refreshingly honest views and open nature.

The 35-year-old has never shied away from discussing, herself, the struggles she faced while trying to conceive. The “Price Tag” artist recently reflected on her pregnancy struggles and shared an emotional song about this challenging time.

Jessi J reflects on her turbulent past as she shares rare photos of her baby boy

Updated June 20 by London Instagram with a stunning photo montage by her talented sister Hannah Macgregor. The adorable pictures captured the new mom in several healthy moments with her son Sky Safir Cornish Colman.

The “Bang Bang” singer welcomed the little angel with her Danish-Israeli boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman in May 2023. The entertainer’s 2018 hit, the sentimental carousel “Four Letter Word,” sweetly introduced the family of three. it clicks.

The opening scenes gave viewers various shots of Sky yawning, sleeping, nursing, smiling and even looking curiously into the camera. There were pictures of the boy receiving a kiss from his father, as well as of the basketball player holding the boy in his arms.

The most touching scenes showed Jessi and her beau looking at each other from ear to ear with their son between them. The “Flashlight” artist also had solo moments with his son, posing shirtless on a bed with the newborn lying on his chest.

These pictures, along with other heartwarming footage, proved that no one was more grateful for the baby’s birth than the Londoner, who had previously suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. Detailing her fertility issues, the 35-year-old captioned the post with a lengthy message about her past, writing:

“I wrote this song years after I was told in 2014 that I couldn’t have children. In 2015 I was told I needed a hysterectomy to cure the pain I felt most days. I said no, thank you.” Instead of following her doctor’s advice, the Grammy nominee changed her diet and embarked on a “spiritual healing journey.” Continuing her rollercoaster story, the media personality noted that “hope” kept her from despairing.

Jessie J at the Brit Awards 2023

“I lost a baby in 2021, but I never gave up hope. Ever. Not once. I hope that no matter how I become a mother, it will always come to me at the right time. Of course or not. I wanted a child…” the proud mother admitted.

As fate would have it, his son received a pleasant surprise in September 2022 during his trip to Rio, Brazil. The English songwriter discovered she was pregnant at the airport and declared that she “got pregnant in the sky”.

Reflecting on her feelings while creating her song ‘Four Letter Word’, the 35-year-old noted that the track feels ‘different now’. Jessie also shared her experiences of motherhood, adding: “This is the end of baby mail. But it won’t be. I’ve never felt more in my body and my purpose than I do now. Who i am as an artist i am in my life. Being a mother is now a huge part of my identity and existence, and I will celebrate it every chance I get.”

The presenter ended her caption by shouting out her big sister for filming Sky when she was 11 days old.

The Brit Award winner wrote an emotional letter announcing the birth of her son

This isn’t the first time the “Ice Age: Collision Course” voice actress has spoken out about her son’s influence on her life. Last month, the media personality shared a sentimental note with fans announced Sky’s arrival.

Taking to her Instagram Story page, the “Masterpiece” singer wrote a long message explaining how she felt after the birth of her son. According to the 35-year-old woman, her whole life changed with the presence of the newborn.

“My son entered this world and my heart became twice as big. The feeling is indescribable. I fly in love. He is magic. He is the fulfillment of all my dreams,” gushed the Silver Clef winner.

Jessie noted that she and Sky are “doing great” before expressing her gratitude to God for blessing her with the little angel. She ended the London post by thanking fans for following her emotional journey and promising to return to Instagram when she’s ready.

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