Jessica White claims Nick Cannon took advantage of her ‘submissive’ nature

Jessica White continues to bomb and fans are here for the drama! After calling Nick Cannon an “emotionally abusive” lover, the model is coming back with more shocking details about their relationship.

The rapper-turned-actor is notorious for fathering multiple children with different women; however, entertainment can break hearts as well as life. According to his ex-girlfriend, the 42-year-old man defiled her.

During the preview clip for the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” episode, the media personality opened up about her romance with the multi-hyphenate star. Her latest tea seemed to support her story about the father of the twelve children.

Jessica White claims Nick Cannon took advantage of her “submissive” nature during their relationship

The eleventh episode of VH1’s hit TV series featured the Runaway alum as a member of the star cast. A recent episode in production Instagram The site captured the 39-year-old talking to one of her co-stars, Safaree Samuels, and opening up about her relationship with Cannon.

The duo’s conversation derailed for the “Celebrity Prank Wars” host when the former Hoodstars member asked if White was married. Not missing a beat, a Maybelline spokeswoman was quick to address her past, claiming she’s healed from a long-running romance.

“I had an eight-year relationship, so I’m kind of coming out of it,” the host told Samuels. Her response prompted the TV personality to ask if her ex cheated on her or if she didn’t love him enough. “No, there’s no plural like polyamory,” the model interjected.

When the New Yorker’s jaw dropped at the confession, the caramel-toned beauty erased any suspicions that her co-star might be interested. According to the Victoria’s Secret alum, she was allegedly banned from dating anyone else while the “Drumline” star became intimate with other women.

“I wasn’t allowed to have other partners, but he was,” White claimed, prompting Samuels to wonder if he chose to follow these rules because he’s Muslim. But the Buffalo native replied, “No, I’m just very humble.”

The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum seemed to be blown away by her comment as she took her seat with her mouth hanging open. He then asked his co-star about his ex, a question the influencer dodged by acting coy and calling Cannon “famous.”

Finally giving in to Samuels’ curiosity, he refused to say the ‘Gigolo’ rapper’s name, but showed the father of two his picture. The New Yorker’s jaw dropped again, praising the multi-hyphenate star as a “boy” and a “great guy.”

In her testimony, the “Famously Single” star noted that she was “not surprised” by her co-star’s reaction, as everyone adored her ex-boyfriend as an “icon.” However, he knew the 42-year-old man as “different”.

Then a person in the background asked if Samuels was as close to the “Gigolo” rapper as he claimed, why the reality TV star hadn’t heard from or seen White during his relationship with Cannon.

Jessica White

Rolling her eyes dramatically at the question, the caramel-toned beauty replied: “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Nick. The clip of the episode received mixed reactions from fans, with the majority calling for White to move on from her ex, while others supported the model.

“You mention this man every chance you get, you even had to pull out your phone to show him, wow,” someone snapped at the media personality. Another tweeted: “The precious lord let Nick go,” while a third questioned his motives, adding: “Nic’s reputation?”

However, some sympathized with the buffalo native and wished he would find someone better than Cannon. “I can’t wait for Jessica to meet her good mate. I want Nick to be the furthest thing from her mind after this,” one fan kindly wrote.

The music video Vixen planned to write about her alleged “emotionally abusive” past

A month before her viral “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” episode, the 39-year-old raised eyebrows when she revealed her autobiography plans. According to the stunning model, her book would cover her alleged heartbreaking past with the multi-hyphenated star.

The Angel Wings Foundation creator’s announcement came days after his since-deleted letter. In the lengthy message, the Buffalo native accused the Nickelodeon alum of being an “emotionally abusive” lover.

Reflecting on her public defection, the catwalk alum screamed, “I should have kept it for the f-king book. I probably regret that (because) I should have saved it for the f-king book and gotten paid for it.”

Nick Cannon a

As for how many pages he would devote to Cannon in his upcoming memoir, White noted that the “Wild ‘n Out” host will receive minimal spotlight. “If you put it in a book, it would be half a chapter. Half a chapter is still too long,” the media personality stated.

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