Jessica Simpson Hopes To Start Touring In 2024

After years of taking a break from the music industry, Jessica Simpson is finally making a comeback, much to fans’ delight.

It is no news that the musician released her last single in November 2021 and has spent the past few years focusing on other business ventures, especially her fashion collection. 

She now intends to drop new music soon, which she opened up about in an enlightening interview, pointing at her eagerness to begin touring in 2024.

Jessica Simpson Will Have Some Of Her ‘Southern Roots’ Back As She Returns To Making Music

Simpson, a mother to three, Maxwell, 11, Ace, 10, and Birdie, 4, discussed her return to making music on the first episode of “Extra: The Podcast” about a week ago. She was interviewed at PetSafe Unleashed in Los Angeles, where she divulged her intentions to “start touring in the next year.”

Jessica Simpson out and about in New York

The “Irresistible” musician revealed that she will “have some of my southern roots back while I am in the recording studio.” Speaking of her reaction to making music again, the fashion designer gushed, “t gives me chills thinking about it because I know that whenever I open this big old trap of mine, a lot is going to come out and it’s going to be really powerful.”

Simpson, who declared that she finally felt connected to her “purpose in music,” dished more on her plans, saying:

“I know exactly what it is I want to do… I’ve kind of formed by whole record, and I know the writers I want to write with; I have people on board. It’s very exciting.”

The “Employee of the Month” actress further explained that she felt like the timing of her comeback was “perfect” for her family, especially her three children, all of whom she wanted to have a “normal” life.

“I really wanted my kids to be raised as normal as possible in the first 10 years,” she clarified, “Like, I didn’t want to be on the road all the time; I didn’t want to be gone all the time, and I feel like I’ve given that to them.”

Fans have waited a while to be blessed with new music from Simpson, whose last release was two years ago when she dropped a cover to “Particles,” the popular single by Nothing But Thieves.

At the time, she announced the release on Instagram using a shot from the music video featuring her topless with her knees drawn to her chest as she held a microphone. Taking to the caption, the country-pop star narrated the emotional journey that inspired the music by writing: “PARTICLES 11.11. The whole idea of music heals is an honest truth to me. This song saved a broken piece of me.”

Commenters were overjoyed about her announcement as they flooded her with praises. One such admirer exclaimed, “Sounded beautiful!!! Your openness and honesty is compelling. Glad to have you back.”

The cover song was a renewed version of the “original modern alt-rock to a tear-jerking piano ballad,” which she rendered in the 3-minute 43-second music video. As seen in the clip, she sat on a pink chair, belting out powerful lyrics that articulated her addiction struggles.

Not long before the song’s release, the 43-year-old musician told fans of a music project she was working on, using a cryptic post captioned, “11:11.” This prompted fans to express hopes for an album, which might have been warranted given that Simpson’s last album at the time was “Happy Christmas,” released in November 2010. 

The ‘In This Skin’ Musician Tried To Turn Her Memoir Into A TV Show Again

Three months ago, Simpson was keen on getting back into the TV business as she made a second attempt to turn her memoir “Open Book,” released in 2020, into a TV series.

“The Dukes of Hazzard” star hoped the streamer Amazon Prime would be perfect for the best-seller, and was set to be an executive producer — her first producing gig since her reality show “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” on MTV.

However, the company was not so into the idea given that Simpson’s experience was not enough to executive produce a TV show.

Jessica Simpson

Per sources at Amazon: “On one level, Jessica is a TV expert because of the success of ‘Newlyweds’ 20 years ago. But turning her book into a streaming dramedy series has been a tall order.”


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