Jesse James is a new dad again: Welcome Baby Bishop!

Jesse James after that, he changes his diapers once more to welcome a baby with his wife of one year, Bonnie Rotten.

Jesse James is a father of five

Jesse James is a new dad again!  Welcome Baby Bishop!

The owner of West Coast Choppers is happy to welcome a new member to his family. A little boy to give the bad guy a run for his money. The model shares two sweet photos of her newborn on her IG story.

One shows a photo of the new baby sucking his thumb and adjusting to life outside the womb! The other was about the father already abusing her and falling in love with his new obsession.

Bonnie documented her pregnancy on Instagram and shared what an amazing father James has already been to her daughter. Just before her pregnancy, she posed at Bonnie’s home and looked ready to pounce!

“I am huge 🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠. How big do you think Baby Bishop will be? He asked his 1.9 million followers. Now that the baby is born, those details have yet to be released, she’s too busy resting, possibly eating limited food, and of course obsessing over her son!

Bonnie Rotten praised Jesse James

Jesse James is a new dad again!  Welcome Baby Bishop!

The new mom opened up about what a great father the motorcycle enthusiast has been to her own children, Sunny James, Jesse James Jr. and Chandler James. Plus, she’s his own daughter. “Happy Father’s Day to this dad-to-be!” She writes. That’s a different tune than Bonnie, who rushed to file for divorce only to call it quits shortly after.

“You are a great role model and an inspiration to all the children we have united into one beautiful home! I just love you so much! ♥️ I can’t wait for our little man to grow up to see you together.. Happy Father’s Day to all dads!!!!!! Have a wonderful day with your family ♥️.

The now mother of two celebrated her 1-year anniversary with James, literally 1 day before her son’s birth announcement. Does this mean their son was born on their own special day or the day after?

Bonnie Rotten married the man of her dreams

Jesse James is a new dad again!  Welcome Baby Bishop!

The advertising fetish model of the former adult film actress talked about her wedding day and the man who made it all happen. Controlled

“1 year ago today I married the man of my dreams. ♥️” he writes. “This man makes my heart skip a beat every time he walks into the room, texts or calls me on the phone. I feel loved, accepted, happy and understood. You are everything I could ever hope for in a partner… a husband, a father to my children and a best friend.”

In the post, he mentioned their then-unborn son. “You show your strength and stability and leave no doubt. Today is even more special because our baby boy will be here and I am so excited to enter this new phase of my life with you.”

Jesse James praised Bonnie Rotten

Jesse James is a new dad again!  Welcome Baby Bishop!

James felt the same way about Bonnie, bragging about his wife in his own anniversary post on IG. “We got married on this day last year. You looked amazingly beautiful (I had Covid🥴),” he joked.

“We’ve had some ups and downs in the last 12 months. Our marriage and love were broken, but never broken. Let’s raise our hearts and ask for help from @macrichardatx 🙏🏻

What we have is so strong and real. Now one year later, on the exact same day. We are in the hospital and we are giving birth to our son, “Bishop James”. June twenty-fifth. I love you @officialbonnierotten.”

Oh, congratulations to the new parents!

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