Jerry Trainor reacts to Jennette McCurdy’s ‘heartbreaking’ memoir

In a recent interview Jerry Trainorwho was next to him Jennette McCurdy next “iCarly– praised his memoir –I’m glad my mother is dead” for honestly portraying the challenges during the show’s original run.

Trainor praised McCurdy for being brave enough to share her truth. The memoir reveals McCurdy’s difficult early experiences in the entertainment industry, including his mother’s unusual beliefs about bathroom breaks and personal hygiene.

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Jerry Trainor praises Jennette McCurdy’s memoir

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In an interview Oh! news, Jerry Trainor has expressed deep admiration for Jennette McCurdy’s 2022 memoir I’m Glad My Mother Is Dead.

The memoir gave fans an honest look at the challenges McCurdy faced during the original run of “iCarly,” including battling an eating disorder and alleged abuse from her late mother, Debra McCurdy, who died of cancer in 2013. .

During the conversation, Trainor revealed that she wasted no time delving into the memoir because she is eager to understand McCurdy’s journey. “I read it right away,” he shared. “It’s heartbreaking, but also brilliant and funny. I was very proud that he was able to speak his truth.”

Trainor added: “She’s very strong and very striking, and the writing shows how smart she is. It’s something you’ll deal with for the rest of your life, but it’s amazing. Use it and it will make you stronger.”

Jennette McCurdy details childhood struggles in memoir

Jennette McCurdy
Instagram | Jennette McCurdy

In her memoir, McCurdy recounted her early experiences in the entertainment industry, including an audition arranged by her mother, Debra, with talent agent Barbara Cameron.

During the audition, Cameron expressed interest in signing McCurdy’s older brother Marcus, but McCurdy lacks charisma. However, Debra, a devout Mormon, encouraged the child star to pray for Barbara’s acceptance and pushed for her to join the agency.

As part of the deal, McCurdy was required to take acting classes, a condition he increasingly disliked. At the age of six, he got his first job as a background actor. However, his mother, acting as his representative, told him that she would only take his salary and “necessary things”.

Although the specifics of these “essentials” were not specifically defined, McCurdy found the experience stressful and unpleasant. “This day was stressful and not fun, and if given the chance. I would choose to never do anything like that again,” wrote Per Oh! news.

Mom says bathroom breaks are ‘unprofessional’


McCurdy, who opened up about her childhood challenges, including those involving her mother, revealed a specific incident that happened when she was just eight years old. Grayling Oh! newsDebra instilled in him the belief that bathroom breaks were unprofessional and created anxiety about this basic bodily need.

However, there was a time when McCurdy couldn’t take it anymore and tearfully asked permission to use the toilet. Despite her sadness, her mother insisted on accompanying her, even insisting that she put it behind her.

Jennette McCurdy
Instagram | Jennette McCurdy

Another aspect of McCurdy’s childhood that he shared in his memoir was his mother’s attitude toward personal hygiene. Until the age of 12, McCurdy spoke of dreading showers as her mother continued to bathe her. Debra went even further and performed what she described as a “breast and “front buttock” exam on McCurdy, explaining that she was checking for potential cancerous lumps.

During these uncomfortable examinations, McCurdy said that “usually all I can think about when Mom is doing exams is Disneyland” and that she was “very relieved” when the exams were over.

Jennette McCurdy teases acting comeback

Jennette McCurdy at the 2011 Divine Design Gala

McCurdy is the only member of the original “iCarly” cast who has decided not to return for the show’s 2021 revival. Despite her reservations, the “Sam & Cat” actress recently hinted at the possibility of a comeback. She had previously shared that she had left her acting career.

However, since the publication of her memoir, McCurdy has been considering a return to acting. In an interview Oh! news shared her new perspective in October, stating, “I feel like it’s only through writing the book that I’ve gotten to where I think you can explore acting that doesn’t carry the baggage that I’ve been carrying around. for so long.”

He added: “Maybe if I write something for myself. I think that would really be the only way to try to rediscover it.”

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