Jeremy Renner Shares New Photo From The Gym Amid Recovery

Eight months after his terrible snow plow accident, Jeremy Renner is working hard in physical rehab.

The Marvel actor posted a new selfie of him working out months after being crushed under a snow plow at his Lake Tahoe property. He suffered a crushed torso and punctured liver, over 30 broken bones, and multiple cuts and bruises.

After stabilizing his health, Renner started posting health and rehab updates on social media. He recently urged fans on Instagram to spend time with loved ones, like he’s been doing with his 10-year-old daughter, Ava.

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Jeremy Renner Posts New Workout Rehab Selfie

Jeremy Renner
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is recovering both physically and mentally fast, about eight months after his nearly fatal snowplow accident. The Marvel actor made a “Happy Friday” post on Instagram of himself in an intense rehabilitation workout. The selfie showed Renner sitting on an exercise machine at the gym.

Renner’s post showed him significantly improved health-wise and much happier since the terrible accident. He’s been documenting his physical recovery from the hospital to home since emergency medical intervention saved his life.

Since his accident, Renner has become very appreciative of life and shared his gratitude in multiple posts. A recent one showed the actor standing on a lake-side property, presumably his Lake Tahoe home. The caption read, “Find some quality time this weekend with quality people.”

Jeremy Renner Was Crushed Under His Snow Plow

Jeremy Renner's post on his Instagram page
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

Renner’s near-fatal accident happened shortly after 2023 began its new year. The “Mayor of Kingston” star was pulled under a seven-ton snow plow while trying to move his nephew’s car from heavy snow.

In the subsequent 911 call, Renner could be heard screaming in terrible agony. After emergency services arrived at the scene, the actor was airlifted to Renown Regional Medical Center. Renner suffered a crushed torso, punctured liver, over 30 broken bones, and hundreds of cuts and bruises. He was initially listed in critical condition but soon stabilized in the hospital.

When Renner woke up and started recovering himself and his mobility, he started posting health updates on social media. The actor has repeatedly shared his gratitude for life and thanked everyone who prayed and assisted in his recovery.

He Is Spending A Lot Of Time With His Daughter Ava

Jeremy Renner Celebrates Daughter Ava's 10th Birthday Amid Recovery From Snow Plow Accident

In recent posts, Renner has urged fans on Instagram to spend more time with their family and loved ones. Since the accident, the Hawkeye star himself has spent most of his time with his 10-year-old daughter Ava. She’s followed him for multiple physical therapy sessions, and they’ve had several breakfast and lunch dates.

Renner co-parents Ava with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco, to whom he was only married for about a year. The “Wind River” actor and Ava both attended the April premiere of his new series with Disney+, titled “Rennervations.” They’ve also been photographed having private family time with their loved ones.

Renner’s new series, “Rennervations,” follows the Marvel star as he reconstructs and revamps decommissioned vehicles for several charities. During the red carpet for the mini-series premiere, Renner leaned heavily on a cane and later appeared on stage using a motorized scooter.

Jeremy Renner Was Recently At A Make-A-Wish Event

Renner also recently attended a Make-A-Wish event and shared photos with fans on his Instagram page. In the caption, the “Bourne Legacy” actor shared a message thanking everyone who made the event successful.
It read, “Thank you @makeawishamerica for the morning of inspiration… bravo to the super parents and kids pushing through adversity to live the best and brightest day … everyday. And to our amazing local community in Reno, NV … I’m honored to share this room and event with you in support of Make a Wish and these amazing families.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation quickly thanked Renner for his time and support of the event. Their message read, “We are so grateful to have spent a wonderful morning with you and our Northern Nevada community to help make wishes come true. While a child makes a wish, YOU made the difference.”

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