Jennifer Lopez drew heat from fans after launching Alcohol Biz

Jennifer Lopez has come under fire after launching her latest business venture.

Netizens had plenty to say when he announced the launch of a low-calorie alcohol called Delola. Critics sought to air her grievances during the company’s announcement, with one person going so far as to express her disappointment in the “Shotgun Wedding” actress. The brand’s portfolio will include flavors such as Paloma Rosa Spritz, Bella Berry Spritz and L’Orange Spritz.

Jennifer Lopez offended critics with the launch of a new cocktail brand

Despite the fact that Lopez openly admits that he does not drink, he launched his exclusive line of alcoholic cocktails. The ‘Marry Me’ star announced the feat in a video where he admitted to having an alter ego named Lola.

He began by saying that his relentless grinding over the last ten years made him realize “the importance of enjoying life”, which led him to create “something light, fun, fresh and delicious”.

“Delola gives people the freedom to enjoy — free from cutting, compressing and mixing, free from the stress of entertainment, free to make ordinary moments extraordinary,” the Los Angeles resident added at one point.

Lopez’s update received nearly 500,000 views, and thousands poured into the comment section. Unfortunately, several people were dissatisfied with the actions of the hit maker “Love costs nothing”, and this Comments.

“Why don’t you create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative effects of alcohol (sic) and don’t drink?” asked a person. Another commenter claimed it was “hard to get” the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer’s business when she “said so much NOT to drink.”

The netizen added, “A mocktail would have been more fitting for the brand and more impressive for those who also choose not to drink alcohol!” A third Instagram user commented that the 53-year-old beauty was only interested in “getting the bag” and not how her business decisions affected her fans.

A fourth critic wrote that the company was “not well thought out and not sensitive enough to the man in your life,” referring to Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, a recovering alcoholic.

Meanwhile, this netizen, who was more concerned about her alter ego’s name, asked if she was using the nickname that ex Marc Anthony gave her when she “had a secret affair with him when he was still married to Dayanara.”

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck arrive at the world premiere of Amazon Studios Air

“And now you’re married to Ben and you want to use him for a brand of alcohol AND you don’t even drink?!” Like what?! It’s a slap in the face to your man, but hey… I’m sure you’ll find another man if he leaves. Lol, that’s jlo for you!” the commentator concluded.

Grayling The listLopez disclosed this avoided alcohol consumption because he “ruined” people’s skin as they aged, and he didn’t want that for himself. Instead, the cosmetics brand owner decided to sleep for nine to ten hours.

The MTV Movie & TV award winner is being praised for her role in her husband’s new movie

The explosion detailed in an article in March that Affleck praised his wife for giving him fantastic advice on his film “Air.” The 50-year-old alluded to his wife’s involvement in the Hollywood production when he said she has an “incredible understanding of how fashion evolves at the intersection of culture, music, sport, entertainment and dance.”

The “Good Will Hunting” actor mentioned that the Bronx native helped him by “talking about why Jordans (the shoes) are so significant, part of it is that culture and style in America is 90 percent driven by black culture.” .

The drama, the actor’s fifth directorial project, will be the first presented through his new production company, Artists Equity, which he founded alongside actor Matt Damon.

It follows the story of basketball legend Michael Jordan’s family and a group of Nike executives who changed the business with an unbeatable sneaker deal. “Air” premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival on Saturday, March 18, and will be released in US theaters on Wednesday, April 5.

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