Jennifer Lawrence hints she wants to star in more R-rated movies

Actress Jennifer Lawrence He preferred to appear in R-rated films after his latest role in the raunchy comedy.No hard feelings.”

Known for her diverse filmography and ability to bring characters to life, Lawrence declared the genre a “sweet spot” after appearing as an Uber driver in the film.

The actress recently shared her concerns about working with the Method cast, noting that it “makes her nervous.”

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Jennifer Lawrence teases her favorite movie genre

Jennifer Lawrence at the 13th Governors Awards - Century City

Lawrence, who has captivated audiences with her performances in genres ranging from the dystopian action of “The Hunger Games” to the psychological drama of “Silver Linings Playbook,” joked that she only wants to go into R-rated movies.

The 32-year-old actress came to light after starring as an Uber driver in her latest film ‘No Hard Feelings’, in which she played a bold and unapologetic character with a penchant for pushing social boundaries.

During a chat with Cameron Diaz Interview MagazineLawrence shared that she always wanted to do a comedy, but finding one funny enough was an ordeal.

“It was a blast. I’ve always wanted to do comedy and I’ve been asked a million times,” he admitted. “I was never against it, but you’ve seen the movies that have come out. I don’t want to name anything in particular, but there was nothing funny.”

Jennifer Lawrence says she ‘doesn’t want to do anything else’

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival - "Pier" Premiere, Canada - September 10, 2022

In a chat with Diaz, the actress made a bold statement about her love of R-rated movies, stating that they are the “sweet spot” for her creativity.

Diaz whispered that hard-hitting R-rated comedies are something Lawrence was “born to do,” before adding that “that might be your sweet spot.” Lawrence replied, “If this is my favorite place, I never want to do anything else.”

The 32-year-old Oscar-winning actress has publicly praised Diaz, calling her “an icon of R-rated comedy.”

Directed by acclaimed director Gene Stupnitsky, “No Hard Feelings” follows Lawrence’s unscrupulous character Maddie, who responds to a Craigslist ad from an affluent couple looking to date their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy. However, he proved to be a challenge for her.

He doesn’t like working with Method actors

Jennifer Lawrence poses for the camera.

Recently appearing on the ‘Hot Ones’ podcast, the ‘Passengers’ actress was asked about the challenges she faces when working with actors with different acting styles.

He expressed his nervousness about working with actors who immerse themselves deeply in their characters, often referred to as method actors. While acknowledging their dedication and commitment to their craft, Lawrence admitted she was in awe of the unpredictable approach she had to maintain with them.

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“I would be nervous to work with someone who is Method (an actor),” he explained. “Because I have no idea how to talk to them because I have to be in character?” That would make me nervous.”

Method actors are performers who use the Stanislavski system or method acting technique, a school of acting that emphasizes emotional authenticity and immersion in character. They strive to create realistic and profound performances based on their emotions and personal experiences.

Jennifer Lawrence reveals the actor who influenced her acting style

Jennifer Lawrence at the 12th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

In a chat with Sean Evans, the “They are hot” podcast, Lawrence credited Christian Bale as a major influence on how he portrayed the character. He admitted that Bale’s commitment to his roles inspired him to explore new depths in his performances.

“I was always very on and off until I did ‘American Hustle’ and I was working with Christian Bale, who I noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew started setting up and it was about 10 seconds into to action. he (Bale) would start getting ready,” said the actress. “I saw this and said, ‘That sounds like a great idea.’ So that’s what I started doing.”

Lawrence was also asked to reveal the mundane skills she learned for the roles. “I learned how to pick locks on Red Sparrow. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s good to know I can do it,” he said, adding that he learned how to hold the hawk as “Serena”.

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