Jennifer Coolidge reveals that she has yet to find the love of her life

Hollywood star Jennifer Coolidge he talks about his love life.

The actress shared in a recent interview that she has yet to find the “right one” for herself. He claims that his past “bad decisions” have left him insecure and unable to believe people when they praise him.

She recently won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for her role as Tanya McQuoid in the HBO hit series “White Lotus.”

In a previous interview, the ‘Click’ star revealed that she almost turned down the role because she felt she was too out of shape to take on the role.

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Jennifer Coolidge has not found the love of my life

Arrival of the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner

While talking Page sixthe “White Lotus” star revealed that she is still searching for her “right” man after many years. Although he gently admitted that he had been involved in various relationships in the past, not all of them ended up working out.

She said: “I mean, in my dating life, I’ve never found anyone who was completely right for me. I haven’t found the love of my life.”

The actress appeared to lay the blame at her own feet, saying that some of her past “bad decisions” had left her “insecure” about herself and her career.

“I think I made bad decisions. It makes you insecure and you don’t think you’re great, Coolidge noted. “A lot of people can come up to you at the airport… people come up when they have nothing else to do and say really nice things to you, and in Hollywood people say, ‘You’re great,’ but that’s the only way. you know they mean it when you give them a job.”

Jennifer Coldige delivers her Golden Globe acceptance speech

Jennifer Coolidge won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie Made for Television at the Golden Globes

While Coolidge is still searching for the love of his life, his career has received a major boost following his appearance on the series “White Lotus.” The actress has previously acted in films such as ‘The Cinderella Story’, ‘Click’, ‘The Date Movie’, ‘Young Woman of Promise’ and ‘Single All the Way’.

However, her portrayal of McQuoid in the HBO anthology series “White Lotus” earned her her second major award after previously winning an Emmy for the role.

On Tuesday, the 61-year-old received a standing ovation when she received her Golden Globe award for her role as supporting actress in a television limited series/anthology.

Overwhelmed with adoration, he delivered a long monologue in which he narrated his career over the years. “I’m surprised I spilled my guts!” he told the publication about his acceptance speech. “I was standing in front of the crowd and I forgot where I was. I told a lot of my feelings. I didn’t mean to be funny, I meant to be serious.

“This is the ultimate gift from someone”

Jennifer Coolidge is featured on Kimmel

Not only was the audience touched by Coolidge’s emotional acceptance speech, but his close friend Mike White, director and creator of “White Lotus,” was moved to tears as he related to Coolidge’s struggles.

The situation was made even more sentimental by the fact that several production companies passed up the opportunity to lead the show due to Coolidge’s involvement.

“We went to a show we wanted to do with Jennifer and everyone passed. I know you all have gotten over this show. So yeah, it’s a very welcome moment,” White said at the awards as he accepted the award for Best Limited Series. Page six.

The actress described McQuoid’s role as “the ultimate gift” as she played McQuoid. Coolidge said in his interview, “This is the ultimate gift from someone. They say, “Not only do I like you, but I think you’re talented.” It doesn’t happen very often when someone goes and cheers for you.”

Jennifer Coolidge almost missed out on the lead role in ‘White Lotus’

American Pie actress Jennifer Coolidge 58 rides in the giant shoes of the apos, the Muses apos the Krewe of Muses quote: a women's parade during Mardi Gras.

The actress almost didn’t become the woman of the moment. During the pandemic, she was deeply depressed and it almost made her decide not to sign up for the show.

“It’s a miracle. I almost ruined it,” Coolidge said in an interview with the paper Today back in February.

At the time, she explained that amid her personal struggles, weight gain during the pandemic made her believe she was too out of shape to star in the movie “White Lotus.”

She added: “I was too vain, I didn’t want to be in front of the camera because I kind of ruined myself during the COVID and I didn’t feel like I was in shape.”

The “Mascots” actress credited a friend for encouraging her to pursue the role, which Coolidge is now grateful for.

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