Jennifer Coolidge revealed that her ‘immaturity’ prevented her from having children

Jennifer Coolidge he recently opened up about different areas of his life. In an interview with “The white lotus” alum admitted that her “very immaturity” prevented her from starting a family, expressing her desire to keep her youthful spirit.

Coolidge also shared that she never had a “quiet boyfriend” and believes that her pursuit of intense relationships may have contributed to her childless state.

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“I’m very immature”

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In a recent interview British GQ, Jennifer Coolidge opened up about her decision not to start a family. Coolidge admitted that his immaturity played a significant role in this election.

The 61-year-old actress, who is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to her role in Max’s ‘The White Lotus’, admitted that although friends have encouraged her to consider adoption, she believes she would be a better stepmother instead. She explains her decision by saying that she wanted to preserve her youthful spirit and admits that she would have been “grown up” to have children.

Coolidge candidly shared with the publication, per Daily Mail, “I’m very, very immature, I think that’s what kept me from having children because I’m kind of a child. Maybe if I had kids, I should have grown up. Maybe if I had had children, I would have had to grow up.”

Jennifer Coolidge says she’s never had a ‘quiet boyfriend’

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In addition to discussing his immaturity as a factor in having children, Coolidge also revealed that having a family can increase his appreciation for his life in Los Angeles, as he is “bored” by his current surroundings.

The actress also attributed her childless status to dating intense partners. She admitted that she never had a “quiet boyfriend who was full of joy”, someone who found humor in his mistakes. “I would never choose that for myself,” he stated Daily Mail.

However, the actress never lacked the opposite sex. Last year, she candidly admitted that her infamous role as Stifler’s mother in the movie “American Pie,” which she played more than two decades ago, led to relationships with about 200 people.

Jennifer Coolidge admits ‘Fantasy’ may have killed off her character

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Famous for his comedic performances in popular films such as ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘American Pie’, Coolidge is the Hollywood MVP and gained even more fame with his role in ‘The White Lotus’.

In the critically acclaimed series, she plays Tanya McQuoid, who lives in the luxury surroundings of a parody resort. Coolidge’s portrayal garnered worldwide acclaim, earning her recognition at prestigious awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes, Emmys, Critics Choice Awards, and SAG Awards.

Jennifer Coolidge won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie Made for Television at the Golden Globes

However, Coolidge revealed in the interview that he was initially hesitant to accept the role due to mental health reasons. He honestly admitted, “I didn’t feel like it. (Fear of failure – or perhaps success?) I was depressed, very down.”

Reflecting on her character’s fate in the show’s second season, Coolidge shared her thoughts on how her own “fantasy” may have played a role in Tanya’s death.

He explained, per Daily Mail“I encouraged Mike to tell me an Italian story, I said I’d love to be in Italy or something, riding a Vespa with these men reaching out and trying to light my cigarette. This is my fantasy. But then I think that proposal killed me.”

Jennifer Coolidge Says ‘Guys Were Confused’

Arrival of the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner

During a recent interview with Jeremy Allen White The varieties In the Actors on Actors series, Coolidge opened up about his career and reflected on what he considers his “fatal flaw” during his success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

When asked if he had any long-term plans for his acting career, Coolidge candidly admitted that he did not. He said that looking back on his life and the mistakes he made, he realized that he lacked a strategic approach. Instead, he simply went “job to job.”

Coolidge admitted that he made a crucial misstep in the ’90s when he had successful films: “I have to say, I made the terrible mistake of not riding the wave that I had early on. It was kind of in the ’90s when we had “Legally Blonde,” “Best in Show,” and “American Pie.” Then there was ‘Cinderella Story’ and stuff like that.”

Jennifer Coolidge is featured on Kimmel

“But there was a moment.” There was a wave I could have really ridden, but I got really distracted,” Coolidge added.

The distraction, she revealed, was her focus on “chasing the boys.”

“I was not listening. I just thought I had my whole life. I never said “I want to do…” I got a few jobs, but I didn’t have a plan. And I think that was a fatal mistake because it took so long for anything to get off the ground afterwards.”

He added: “I look back and say, ‘What was I thinking? Then I bought a house in New Orleans and dove into fixing it up.

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