Jenna Ortega took control of her “Wednesday” character

Jenna Ortega Pours “Wednesday” Tea!

Although she first gained recognition for her portrayal of young Jane in “Jane the Virgin,” Ortega’s career really took off after starring as Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix series. Nearly four months after the show premiered, the actress revealed that she took extra steps to make a lasting impression on viewers, including rewriting some of her character’s lines.

Jenna Ortega Made Several Changes to ‘Wednesday’ Script to Make It More Relatable to Teens

Since her appearance on the series, Ortega has earned several accolades, including a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award and a deal with Adidas. However, as it turns out, it wouldn’t have been as successful without making some “sensible” changes to the script.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress made the announcement during a conversation on Monday’s episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast.where he said:

“When I read the whole series, I realized, ‘Oh, this is for a younger audience.’ When I first came on the show, I didn’t have the whole script. I thought it was going to be a lot darker. I didn’t… I didn’t know what my tone was or what it was going to be like the sheet music.”

Jenna Ortega Discusses 'Put My Feet Off' About 'Wednesday' Script
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After claiming that she’s “never had to put my foot down on a set as much as ‘Wednesday,'” Ortega pointed out that Wednesday’s involvement in a love triangle “didn’t make sense.” “There were times on set where I almost became professional in a way, when I just started changing lines,” he continued.

The “Yes Day” star explained that even when the script supervisor assumed he was okay with certain aspects, he made changes, causing the writers to ask, “Wait, what happened to that scene?” Ultimately, Ortega’s plan was to give his character more depth than he had on paper, making him more realistic and relatable to a teenager.

“I was very, very protective of him. You can’t drive a story and have no emotional arc because then it’s boring and nobody likes you. When you’re little and you say really morbid, offensive things, it’s funny and endearing. But then you become a teenager and it’s ugly and you know it. There are fewer excuses,” the 20-year-old continued detailed.

The last time Ortega opened up about challenges on the set of “Wednesday,” he said it was director Tim Burton who told his character to “have absolutely no expression or emotion.” According to an Austin Film Critics Association awardee, Burton wanted a “smooth surface,” which he understood, “unless you’re trying to move a plot and Wednesday is in every scene.”

She also clashed with the 64-year-old when it came to the viral dance scene in episode four. Ortega revealed that he told her not to hire a choreographer because she felt “so overwhelmed” and decided to come up with the dance herself.

The Adidas ambassador would like to return “To you”

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Last month, The Blast noted that Ortega’s highly anticipated return to Netflix’s hit series “You” was delayed due to his “Wednesday” schedule. According to the report, showrunner Sera Gamble of the psychological thriller revealed the entertainment giant’s intention to bring back the actress as Ellie – one of the few survivors of Joe Goldberg’s deadly friendship with Penn Badgley, stating:

“We wanted to bring Ellie back and we heard, ‘Oh, Jenna’s doing a show.’

The writer said that since Ortega’s presence was pleasant, the cast and crew would love to work with him again, especially since he was referenced in the show’s third season. Although Goldberg has taken on a new identity as Professor Jonathan Moore, his new friendship with one of his students, Nadia, occasionally brings back memories of his close relationship with Ellie.

The actress expressed her excitement about reprising her role in 2019, revealing that she would love to see her character “come back and take control of her life”. He added:

“Ellie has so much potential and talent that she shouldn’t waste.”

While fans wait to see if Ortega takes time off from filming, he’s been busy with other projects, such as his upcoming slasher film ‘Scream VI’, ‘FinestKind’, ‘Miller’s Girl’. ,” an untitled Trey Edward Shults film, and another season of “Wednesday.”

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