Jenna Ortega movies, TV roles: what she’s done, what’s next

Ortega has already appeared in the MCU and preceded Joe Goldberg in Netflix’s “You” before becoming an up-and-coming A-lister.

Jenna Ortega may have just shot to fame after her breakout hit “Wednesday,” but the up-and-coming talent has been in Hollywood for over a decade, starting her career at just 10 years old.

Ortega, who also sings in addition to acting, made his screen debut in a 2012 episode of “Rob.” Just a year later, she played the vice president’s daughter in Marvel’s Iron Man 3. The Disney star appeared in “Little Rascal’s Save the Day,” “Know It All Nina,” “Richie Rich” and “Stuck in the Middle” before breaking into the horror genre. Longtime scream queen Ortega is credited with “Insidious: Chapter 2,” “Babysitter: Killer Queen,” “You,” “X,” and of course “Scream” and the upcoming “Scream 6.”

“I never thought about it because a lot of what I do is horror and they all have these moody and nasty qualities, but what I love is that they also have a sassy teenage nature,” Ortega told Who What Wear in October 2022. “The thing about horror is that it has become my second home at the moment. I’ve been on enough of the sets (I’m) going to, and I know what’s expected of me. It feels like a typical 9 to 5.”

Still, Ortega looks for roles that aren’t “typical,” saying it’s up to the next generation of creatives to accurately portray a variety of stories, especially teenagers.

“I really see my younger generation taking more control of themselves in the industry — whether it’s learning to write sooner, directing sooner or producing sooner,” added Ortega. “I think it’s really empowering and important because right now teenage voices are still being spoken by older white men. The more it happens, the more we recognize that girls are so much more than a lame stereotype.”

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