Jeffree Star picks a side in the Hailey Bieber-Selena Gomez feud

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez’s online feud isn’t ending anytime soon, and the list of defenders keeps growing!

YouTuber Jeffree Star is the latest to join the conversation, voicing his support for Gomez.

The influencer, who is known for giving her raw opinions on makeup products, expressed her support for the Disney alum, but didn’t ignore Hailey.

The Jeffree star has heavily shaded Hailey Bieber amid his ongoing feud with Selena Gomez

In a recent TikTok clip Star has made it clear whose side she’s on in Bieber and Gomez’s feud. In the video, the influencer gave a brutal review of Mrs. Bieber’s skin care brand, Rhode Beauty.

Jeffrey a "Spider-Man: There's no going home" LA movie premiere

The former singer-songwriter began the recording by saying she was on vacation in Paris before adding that she’s back to doing a full makeup product review. She then waved at a gray box containing Hailey’s products and pointed out that it had arrived in the mail.

Without further ado, the influencer examined the product when he opened it to reveal its contents. A debit card was on display, showing a snap of the model in her underwear with a sultry expression on her face. The 26-year-old model posed next to large tubes of her product.

Star started giving her two cents, saying, “Okay, the packaging is so boring, and then I open it up and — girl — she literally looks like she wants to die. Like focus. Oh my god, that face is like, “Why did I do that? Why I created a skincare brand.”

She continued to refer to the model’s nepo-baby status as the daughter of famous Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin. Star said, “So when you’re in a privileged position and you’re using your daddy’s money and you’ve never worked in your life, I guess that’s what we do.”

The makeup artist then captured the skincare bottles in the box and described the bottles as ‘boring’. Star proudly stated, “In this house, we’re Team Selena and we don’t hurt anybody. So we’ll skip today’s review.”

Following this admission, he moved to a pink bin and attempted to dispose of the package. But halfway through, he stopped and said, “Oh wait, you don’t even deserve a pink bin.” Instead, he took the package to a drab-colored trash can and tossed it in, saying, “And as Shawn Mendes said, ‘Goodbye!’

The Story of the Selena Gomez-Hailey Bieber Feud

Star is the latest celebrity to join the online feud, after Kylie Jenner joined last month. It all started when it was speculated that the Kylie Cosmetics founder had a crush on the ‘Barney’ star.

Earlier, Gomez posted a beauty video on TikTok: “I accidentally laminated my eyebrows too much.” Soon after, the ‘Life Of Kylie’ star raised eyebrows with the caption: ‘Was that an accident???? it is written on it.

Hailey apparently joined her best pal to make fun of Gomez. She shared a screenshot of a FaceTime call with her best friend, showing both women’s carefully groomed eyebrows on camera.

As the feud heated up and fans hurled abuse at Kylie, the youngest member of the Kar-Jenner clan claimed he and the actress said they were cool. “It reaches. never any shade towards Selena and I haven’t seen her eyebrow posts!” Kylie added: ‘You guys are making something out of nothing. it’s nonsense.”

Gomez followed suit, commenting on the rumor: “I agree @kyliejenner. It’s all unnecessary. I’m a Kylie fan!”

However, things escalated when Gomez saw a previous video of Hailey dissing Taylor Swift, and the former Disney alum came to her best friend’s defense. Things spiraled out of control, leading the “OMITB” star to announce that she was leaving TikTok, resulting in intense anger from Selenators towards Hailey and Kylie.

Selena Gomez wearing Rodarte arrives at the 2022 AFI Fest opening night for the world premiere of Apple Original Films, Selena Gomez: My Mind

Justin Bieber is apparently throwing shade at Selena Gomez amid online drama with his wife

Unsurprisingly, while most have picked on the online drama, Hailey’s husband Justin Bieber is reportedly firmly on her side. Justin shaded the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ actress with a seemingly cryptic message.

As we reported, the “Boyfriend” hitmaker seemingly shaded his ex during his 29th birthday bash with the memorabilia he gifted attendees. The memorabilia was engraved with the words, “I’m so thankful I didn’t get what I wanted.” Fans quickly figured the gift was an intended jab at the Disney star and blasted Justin for it.

One fan said: “This is so petty, I mean if that’s how you feel and your wife keep that petty crap to yourself lol and please don’t mention someone’s name or say ‘who’ to understand exactly what approx. they speak.”

Justin and Hailey Bieber rock '90s fashion looks

Another follower said: “He sounds very controlled and brainwashed saying that,” while a third wrote: “This gift tells me ‘I’m still living in the past.’

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