Jay-Z thinks the Grammys aren’t fair to Beyoncé

Jay-Z speaks for his wife!

The legendary rapper expressed his thoughts before the just concluded Grammy Awards and its treatment of Beyoncé, as she has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. He speaks with the multiple award-winners and record-breakers and calls for a change in how artists like him are recognized.

Jay-Z says the Grammys usually miss the moment at the awards show

Fans of the singer, better known as the Beyhive, thought her new album should have won “Album of the Year” at the 65th Grammy Awards, and it seems her husband felt the same way.

Everyone was shocked on Sunday night when Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” took home the award despite being nominated among top contenders such as “Un Verano Sin Ti” by Bad Bunny, “Voyage” by ABBA, ” Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe) )” by Mary J. Blige and “30” by Adele.

Jay-Z thinks the Grammys didn't work out for Beyoncé
Instagram | Beyoncé

Regardless, the show brought a historic night for the power couple, as the actress became the record holder for the most Grammy awards with 32 trophies.

In an interview Tide Ahead of the ceremony, the 53-year-old spoke about the Drunk In Love singer’s previous albums, 2013’s Beyoncé and 2016’s Lemonade, which both lost out in the same category, and why he thought the new work deserved to win. this year.

When asked why he was unhappy even after tying his wife for the most nominations of all time with 88 candidates, he recalled when he boycotted the event twice. Then he said:

“The truth is, we grew up wanting to be at the Grammys, and that was our goal. We just want them to do it right. This is what we want.”

The father of three admitted that it’s all subjective because it’s music, but he feels it should at least be close enough to be considered valid. The ‘American Gangster’ also mentioned that ‘We grew up watching Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder won three out of four years in a row. Come on man. They saw this shit right. … This was not politics,” adding, “This is what we want. Fix it, because we love it.” Then he dealt with the loss of the 41-year-old man. saying:

“Oh, I felt like they missed the moment. Even with Bey, I felt like they missed the moment. Not just LEMONADE; (also) when Beck won him (album of the year at the 2015 show). I was like, oh, I missed all of that.

The 53-year-old explained why she felt she deserved to win the award this year, saying: “Look at what it does to the culture. Look how the energy of the world has moved.” The ‘Watch The Throne’ rapper added: ‘His whole album is being played in the club. I don’t know if I’ve seen that before. The whole joint – like everything?!”

Jay-Z thinks the Grammys didn't work out for Beyoncé
Instagram | Beyoncé

“Every remix is ​​amazing. Everyone is inspired. It inspired the world. Every remix is ​​better than the next,” he continued. The record producer noted that it was so good that it got people to create, adding, “When it just inspires creativity, that’s an album. This has to be the album of the year. It should be.”

“The Lion King” singer is sending fans into a frenzy with tour ticket prices

Enthralled by his stage performances, audiences were known to be all excited when the star announced he would be touring in 2023. The explosion reported that the tour was starting in the UK and that the first ticket sales had taken place.

However, his fans reacted differently to the prices they saw on the site; some were downright hilarious. This person pointed out they were sure most people would rather pay to see him than settle his debts. “D*mn those Beyonce tickets start at $600 godspeed for those who don’t pay some bills and rent lmao 😂.”

Another didn’t like that the songwriter made it too expensive for the regulars“Beyoncé don’t make ticket prices for us commoners 😫.” A third fan shared a clip of the mother-of-three’s wordsIt was “worth it all” as she apologized for crying over what she described as the most important day of her life.

Above the poster was a quote: “Me, after selling my house, my cat, my dog, my car, my clothes and my soul to see Beyoncé on her Renaissance tour. #Beyonce #RENAISSANCEWorldTour.”

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