Jason Momoa SLAMS Impersonators Trying To Profit From Maui Tragedy

With the Maui death toll rising to over 100 and thousands still fearing if they could rebuild their homes, Jason Momoa is disgusted by people spreading false and malicious information.

In this day and age of online scams, it seems some are even trying to take advantage of the situations, so Momoa is warning everyone to be aware and send help only to registered proven links.

Jason Momoa Heartbroken Over “Pure Evil” Scamsters

Jason Momoa is angry at "pure evil" scamsters
Instagram | Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa faced the camera in a somber mood, wearing a Harley-Davidson shirt and telling his fans that there are some people on Instagram, pretending to be him, asking for donations. After a pause, he declares, “Pure evil, in my opinion.”

He also stated, emphatically that he would not ask for money from anyone and instead is posting and reposting information on his Instagram handle about the proper places people can donate to, if they want to, be it money or material.

He reiterates the same in his caption as well, “Any person or account reaching out asking for monetary donations on my behalf IS NOT ME. It’s deeply heartbreaking and disgusting to know that there are people attempting to take advantage of this tragedy.”

Momoa also lauds all that Lahaina Ohana Venmo is doing, because this is, as per Momoa, “the best place to support Maui communities affected by the wildfires RIGHT NOW. Every donation goes directly into the hands of a family affected by the fires.”

Here’s what Momoa has to say, with links in the caption to know how to help the grief-stricken people of Lahaina.

Fans Stand With The Star, Confirming His Story

The utter destruction at West Maui

Many people who follow Jason Momoa on Instagram, seem to have received several scamming messages with plenty of friend requests from impersonators or even other scammers pretending to be part of Momoa’s team.

Wrote one Instagram user, “I have gotten like 20 – 30 Jason Momoas since I started following. Now these hideous people are using this tragedy to play their fucked up game and take advantage of people. Celebrity impersonators need to be cut down. No one would ask for money in DM. See Jason here doing it publically.”

Another follower with a similar experience also commented, “Thanks for posting this! I commented 2 times on your posts and then I got 37 friend requests plus 2 requests saying they were a part of your personal team, a Nancy and a Sandra! Look out for yourself and most importantly our people of Hawaii/Polynesia!! Respect! God speed!!”

More Hawaiians spread across the world expressed their disgust and sorrow, many saying that they too wanted to set up donation funds for their friends and relatives who were suffering, but there is so much online scamming that these things are not successful anymore.

More fans felt bad for the star who has been doing whatever he can to spread the correct information and resources, so that help can reach where it’s needed the most. Commented one fan, “I’m sorry people are trying to take advantage of you. They can really just suck. Thank you for caring and being there to share how people can help. Keep being you. I can see your raw emotions here. Wish I could give you a big hug.”

Here are more such dos and don’ts…

Jason Momoa Also Tries To Shut Down The “Troll Disruptors”

Jason Momoa tries to stop trolls from spreading false information about Maui
Instagram | Jason Momoa

There has also been a ton of misinformation being spread about the tragedy and the relief work going on. For instance, there is false news that if the people from West Maui call FEMA, their “inhabitable” land can be seized, leaving them homeless. This is not true – all FEMA can do is come and survey the property and the damage it has incurred to see what kind of assistance the homeowner may need to make their home habitable, safe, and sanitary.

While its a repost, Jason Momoa is trying his best to use his social media to spread all the right information about Maui, as he tells people to let West Maui have some peace to come to terms with the tragedy, but the whole of Maui is not closed and is happy to have visitors come and support the local businesses.

Here’s more because as Aquaman says, the effort is far from over, given the death toll has risen to 110.

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