Janelle Brown Mulling Reunion With Kody Over Financial Problems

After separating from the TV personality, Janelle Brown might rekindle her marriage with her former husband, Kody Brown. The “Sister Wives” star recently got emotional about her financial issues on a recent show episode.

Janelle, a mother of six, noted that she couldn’t handle the financial stress of herself and their children anymore. She still shares a property with Kody, which she might use to get back on her feet. Janelle previously shared her plans to move to a new house with one of her former co-wives. 

Why Janelle Brown Might Get Back With Her Ex-Husband

Janelle Brown Maintained That She Would Consider Reuniting With Kody Brown If He Took Counseling Seriously
Instagram | Janelle Brown

Given her situation, a close source revealed to the U.S. Sun that Janelle may run to Kody for financial help. Janelle broke down in the September 10 episode of the “Sister Wives” reality show, where she explained that she was facing some financial difficulties and needed help. Janelle shares six kids with Kody: Hunter, Logan, Garrison, Savanah, Gabriel, and Maddie.

Janelle noted that the kids contribute to the financial problems. She was disappointed in herself for being unable to “do her own thing” because she focused on caring for her children.

“I’m stuck. Financially, I have nothing,” Janelle said, adding, “I can’t believe I’m 50 and I can’t even do my own thing ’cause I’m so tied up with them financially. And I can’t do anything.”

Janelle Brown Needs Money From The Property She Shares With Kody

Janelle Brown's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Janelle Brown

According to the U.S. Sun, Janelle’s reason for wanting to fix things with Kody is purely related to how little money she has. She plans to get money from a property she shares with her ex. A source told the news outlet, “Knowing Janelle on a personal level, I see her going back to Kody.”

They added that Janelle depended on her former partner and would find it hard to get on her feet by herself. The duo were married for over 25 years before quitting in 2022. 

The source continued, “She won’t have money until they figure out how to divide money from the property. And that’s why I think she will go back to Kody.”

Throwing a subtle jab at the reality star, they explained that Janelle was used to relying on Kody for financial support, both for herself and their kids.

The source said, “She’s just not going to be able to do things independently. She’s never in her life been financially (stable).”

Kody Brown Purchased The Property With His Former Wives

‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Breaks Her Silence Following Shocking Divorce

In 2018, Kody bought Coyote Pass, four parcels of land, with his former wives in Flagstaff. They had planned to build homes for themselves and their respective kids. Following their split, some of Kody’s former wives pulled out of the partnership, selling their plots to the 54-year-old.

Janelle’s plot is reportedly intact, as the land is registered in her name and Kody’s. However, construction is yet to begin on the ground as it’s still as bare as before the purchase, according to photos taken earlier in the year.

A source revealed to the U.S. Sun that Coyote Pass was underdeveloped. They noted that “there have been no talks whatsoever” to turn it into something else. The source also said that the owners were confused about exactly what to do with the over $800,000 land, given how expensive it was to purchase.

They said, “It’s costly, and they must agree on their plans.” The news outlet confirmed this by reporting that no building permits were newly filed concerning the land since Kody and his former wives bought it.

Janelle Brown Revealed Plans To Move To A New Home

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown
Instagram | Christine Brown

Janelle previously revealed her plans to move out of her current apartment into a more spacious one in season 18 of “Sister Wives.”

She told Christine Brown, the first wife to separate from Kody, that she wanted a house where her children would feel comfortable.

Her plans were drawn out on a large piece of paper detailing how she wanted things to be built. At the time, Janelle referenced how underdeveloped the land was.

“I thought we would be so much further along in the building process, but that’s just taken a long time,” she said about the bare land.

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