Jane Fonda in Sydney Sweeney’s adaptation of Barbarella

“I’m worried about what will happen,” Fonda admitted.

Jane Fonda shares what she really thinks about the upcoming ‘Barbarella’ remake starring Sydney Sweeney.

The “80 For Brady” actress admitted that she can just “try not to” think about the reboot based on Jean-Claude Forest’s French comic book series. Fonda starred in the original 1968 film directed by Roger Vadim as a futuristic astronaut tasked with stopping a megalomaniac scientist who threatens to reintroduce evil to the galaxy.

“I try not to (think about it). Because I’m worried about what’s going to happen,” Fonda said The Hollywood Reporter about the planned remake. “I had an idea of ​​how to do it that (original producer) Dino De Laurentiis wouldn’t listen to when he was alive. But it could also have been a truly feminist film.”

“Euphoria” Emmy-nominated Sweeney will star in and is believed to be producing the Sony Pictures remake; director has not yet been publicly attached.

“Only God Forgives” writer Nicolas Winding Refn announced the reimagined “Barbarella” for Amazon Prime Video in 2013, saying at the time, “‘Barbarella’ is what ‘Barbarella’ wants to be for any given generation.” Refn called his proposed TV series “the ultimate fetish,” rooted in his dream of casting Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman.

“It seemed like an impossible dream, and that’s why I turned my attention to ‘Barbarella,'” said Refn. “Because ‘Barbarella’ came when I was really vocal about wanting to do ‘Wonder Woman’ and it didn’t quite work out.
it is far from him.”

A “Barbarella” TV series would be “even better” and more feminist than Refn’s Wonder Woman film, she added, noting, “I have daughters and I want to make a movie that shows that women are stronger than men.”

Eventually, “Barbarella” rights were shelved by the estate, as Refn said Happy Sad Confused podcast In 2016, he claimed that society didn’t need to “remake everything”, opting instead for “Neon Demon”. Refn also severed ties with Amazon after he claimed the streamer buried his noir series Too Old to Die Young.

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