Jana Kramer revealed that she felt broken after her past miscarriages

Jana Kramer recently spoke about her reservations and fears about expanding her family after previous miscarriages. Despite her concerns, he is her fiancé Allan Russell wanted a child together.

Kramer, who already has two children from her previous marriage, candidly admitted that she feels broken and unsure if she can carry a baby. However, she unexpectedly became pregnant.

The country singer announced her pregnancy on Instagram, expressing joy and gratitude for the new chapter in their lives.

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Jana Kramer talks about her previous miscarriages

Jana Kramer at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 Press Room

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, “Wine Down” Jana Kramer opened up about her hesitations about expanding her family due to the heartbreaking experiences of her previous miscarriages. Based on People magazinethe 39-year-old actress, who is currently pregnant, shared a candid conversation with her fiance Allan Russell about the possibility of another baby together.

Reflecting on her concerns, Kramer expressed her doubts to Russell, admitting that her previous pregnancy losses had affected her emotionally and physically. She told him, “If you want one, I might not be your daughter because I don’t know if I can carry a baby again.”

Russell, who already has a 16-year-old son and a stepdaughter, replied: “It would be so nice to be together.”

“I feel broken”

Jana Kramer Reveals She Felt Broken After Miscarriages And Questioned Her Womanhood

The “One Tree Hill” actress, who has two children, Jace, 4, and Jolie, 7, with ex-husband Mike Caussin, agreed, but didn’t think it was likely because of her previous miscarriage experience.

Kramer expressed her fear with honest vulnerability, stating, “I’d love it, but if I really want it, I don’t want you to say, ‘Oh, I should have been with someone else,’ because I, as a woman who’s had a lot of miscarriages, I feel broken.”

He added, per People, “I know I’m a woman, but when you miscarry so many times, you’re like, ‘Am I? Because I can’t even carry a baby. I don’t want to go through it again because that’s how I feel. It was horrible.”

The actress revealed that the news of the current pregnancy came as a surprise to her, given her previous stance that she did not want any more children and that she had previously disclosed this to potential partners.

Jana Kramer’s baby survived despite the bleeding

Allan Russell and Jana Kramer at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Speaking about her miscarriage scare, Kramer said: “It was horrible too because I was bleeding so bad – like blood was coming out. And I say, “Here, I’ll have an abortion.” And I gouge out my eyes and he sees – I couldn’t reach the toilet.

“I’m sobbing and I’m like, ‘I said I can’t do this and I called my doctor and they said, ‘The baby’s still there, but you’re bleeding profusely. ‘”

Jana Kramer follows the engagement announcement with a new book
Instagram | Jana Kramer

Kramer shared that the medical team was closely monitoring her condition and warned her that the outcome was “50/50” until the baby was stronger than the bleeding.

Despite the discouraging circumstances, Russell adopted a positive outlook and dedicated himself to supporting Kramer during this challenging time. “He would take Jace to school; makes landings,” he said. “He and Mike would coordinate football and getting out. I was so sick. (He got) anything I wanted, food-wise.”

Jana Kramer announced her pregnancy on Instagram

Kramer announced her pregnancy Instagram and revealed that she and Russell are expecting a child together, a joyous milestone in their relationship of just six months.

The podcast host accompanied his announcement with a heartwarming photo of the couple proudly showing off their positive home pregnancy test result.

“I didn’t think it would ever happen again to be honest, ‘I’ve been through a lot so this is an amazing thing,'” she captioned the photo. Her upcoming tell-all book is likely to highlight her ordeal and the strength she found within herself.

She ended her post by saying, “I’m letting it all sink in. It’s everything I wanted and more. Allan was so sweet. He wrote me this little note: “You deserve a happy ending.”

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