Jana Kramer follows the engagement announcement with a book

Jana Kramer is more than ready for her next chapter!

Well, the country star chose that as the title of her upcoming book, which details the story of the demise of her marriage to Mike Caussin and her subsequent pursuit of happiness. Kramer, who recently got engaged to his current beau after six months of dating, will debut in “The Next Chapter” in October 2023.

Jana Kramer is ready to tell her fans about her marriage to Mike Caussin in the next book

Although Kramer and Caussin created the perfect image of forgiveness and reconciliation, it soon became apparent that their relationship could not survive the latter’s problems with sex addiction. The “Dead/Undead” actress finally filed for divorce in 2021 against the former football fight end, citing “marital misconduct, irreconcilable differences and adultery.”

Two years later, Kramer revealed that he had to write a book to share his experiences during his nearly six-year marriage. comment PEOPLE regarding the event, he said:

“I wish I had this book when I was going through my divorce because I would be able to, A, connect with someone and say, ‘Okay, what am I going through?’ or, “Oh, yes, that’s exactly how I feel. We just put the words on paper and ‘The Next Chapter’ came to life.”

Jana Kramer follows the engagement announcement with a new book
Instagram | Jana Kramer

After admitting that the book started with her divorce, the “Dancing with the Stars” contestant revealed that it’s more about her journey than her now-ex-husband. In his words:

“I don’t want the book to be about (Mike). This book is about me. This book is about reflecting on my journey and then looking in the mirror and saying, “Okay, what did I miss? What could I do better? What can I learn from it?”

Later, the “One Tree Hill” alum revealed that her decision to release the book soon, rather than holding her breath for a fairytale love, was based on her belief that true happiness lies in being able to love yourself.

As it turns out, things worked out perfectly for him as The Blast reported that she is engaged to Allan Russell, a Scottish football coach. At the time, the versatile celeb told listeners on her “Whine Down with Jana Kramer” podcast:

“There were some things I didn’t talk about because, you know, I just want to do it when I’m ready, so I have an announcement today.”

An excited Kramer then detailed the “wonderful night” when Russell got down on one knee. After revealing she was enjoying the view with her children on the veranda, she added:

“He said my name and I got up or whatever and then he got down on one knee and Jolie just started jumping. It was the cutest thing ever; it’s like he knew what was going on.”

Jana Kramer follows the engagement announcement with a new book
Instagram | Jana Kramer

The coach then called the “Dance in the Rain” singer the love of his life and popped the question. He also reminded “We just started crying and felt very sentimental about the porch of the new house, the new beginnings. It just felt right.”

The artist “Mélém, esik” celebrated Christmas three days later with her children

During last year’s Christmas holidays, Kramer had fun with his children — daughter Jolie and son Jace. He not only captured the sweet moments with a camera, but also shared the pictures with his two million followers on Instagram.

In the first shot, the family of three huddled together on a couch and dressed in matching outfits for the day. While the 39-year-old wore a gray pajama set, his seven-year-old daughter wore a colorful top with green and red sleeves and his four-year-old son a red long-sleeved graphic shirt.

For the second slide, the adorable kids dressed up in different outfits and took their places on the floor to unwrap their Christmas presents. A close-up of the clothes was also seen in a second video, highlighting Jace’s uniform emblazoned with his name and several mugs, while his sister glowed behind him in a red dress.

“Today we celebrated Christmas morning with the children. It was still the same joy, even on another day… and it even snowed like a real Christmas. Pure magic,” he captioned the three slides Post uploaded on December 28.

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