Jamie Foxx tweets ‘let’s celebrate summer’ amid recovery

It’s been months since the news Jamie Foxxthe health crisis has been confirmed by the world. The iconic actor finally returned to his Twitter page with a post about enjoying the “boat life” for the summer, shortly after he was spotted on a boat trip on the Chicago River.

Foxx’s co-star John Boyega spoke about his health at the recent premiere of “They Cloned Tyrone.”

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Jamie Foxx has written his first tweet in months

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Jamie Foxx is finally back on Twitter after months of absence due to his recent health crisis. On Sunday, the actor tweeted: “Boat Life (Fox emoji) Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn. Be blessed!” Brown Sugar Bourbon is the drink he mentioned in the tweet, and it’s a whiskey brand he apparently owns.

Foxx’s tweet comes shortly after TMZ shared a shot of the actor waving to fans while taking a boat ride on the Chicago River. The tweet and footage quickly went viral on Twitter, with many fans thankful that he’s back on the platform and recovering.

A fan wrote, “We are so glad to hear from you, King! We prayed!” Another commented, “That video of Jamie Foxx being active and doing well really made my day.” Many other fans sent prayers and messages of support to the actor and his family.

“She’s doing great”

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Foxx’s tweet and cruise are also his first public appearances since his health crisis. On April 12, his daughter Corinne released a statement confirming that her father had recently “experienced a medical complication.” After that, the family closely kept information about his recovery under wraps, which led to serious speculation about his health.

When she first revealed her medical situation, Corinne also posted on Instagram that quick medical intervention put Foxx on the road to recovery. He thanked fans for their prayers and support on behalf of the entire family.

Finally, on May 3, Foxx himself returned to Instagram to post, “I appreciate the love!!! It feels blessed.” A source confirmed after the ship was spotted People magazine that Foxx is recovering and resting. They said, “He’s just taking it easy. He doesn’t really have visitors or anything, but he’s doing really well.”

Jamie Foxx’s health is still improving

Corinne Foxx and Jamie Foxx a

On May 12, Corinne released another statement about Foxx’s health in light of the rumors. There have been several claims on social media that their family is bracing for the worst and that the actor has suffered serious medical injuries.

He wrote: “Update from the family: Sad to see the media going wild. My father has not been in the hospital for weeks, he is recovering. In fact, he played with pickles yesterday! Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are also preparing an exciting job advertisement next week!”

It was revealed by an insider People a few weeks earlier, Foxx’s health had improved. They shared that he was stabilized at the hospital and “doctors are doing tests, but he is awake and alert.”

Jamie Foxx’s co-stars say they’ve spoken to him

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Due to his recovery, Foxx was absent from the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie, “Clone Tyrone.” However, his co-star John Boyega spoke People and revealed that he spoke directly to Foxx during a call.

He said: “He finally picked up the phone. Thanks bro. Well. And then, you know, we just give him privacy and we can’t wait for him to come back. I gave him my best wishes directly. I gave him all my best wishes. So I’ll wait for him to come back. So take your time, Jamie. We love you bro.”

Foxx acted and co-produced the film alongside Said Datari Turner. Turner also shared that he spoke with the “Django Unchained” star and said he’s doing great. He said: “He is in very, very good shape and in good spirits. And it returns to the screen. He will be back to work soon.”

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