Jamie Foxx Posts Cryptic Message About ‘Jesus’ & ‘Fake Friends’

Hollywood star Jamie Foxx shared a cryptic post on his Instagram page about “Jesus” and “fake friends.”

The actor, who had been out of the public eye for three months after a shocking health crisis, posted a photo with the words, “they killed this dude name (sic) Jesus,” written in bold letters.

It comes after Foxx released a video where he opened up about his hospitalization and why he kept it private. He has been seen in public since his exit from a rehab facility in Chicago and has reportedly already returned to work.

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Jamie Foxx Shares Cryptic Post

Jamie Foxx Posts Cryptic Photo About 'Jesus' & 'Fake Friends': 'What Do You Think They'll Do To You'
Instagram | Jamie Foxx

Foxx, 55, has raised eyebrows with his newest post, where he references the death of Jesus Christ.

The actor, who has been the subject of conspiracy theories due to his health crisis, shared a photo with the words, “They killed this dude name (sic) Jesus… What do you think they’ll do to you???!”

The letters were capitalized and written in bold fonts and accompanied by the hashtags #fakefriends, #fakelove.

Although the post seems out of the blue, in the past, Foxx has been very open about his religious background and is a known member of the Baptist church. He has vocally expressed his devotion to his Christian faith and how it has helped guide him.

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During an interview on WIRED with fellow actor Joseph Gordon Levitt, Foxx candidly talked about Jesus after being asked if he was a vegan.

“I am Baptist, I have been Baptist my whole life,” he stated. “To me Jesus is the foundation. Nothing against other vegans, I don’t know where they go as far as heaven and hell is concerned, but I know where I’m going as far as heaven is concerned.”

Foxx then took it a step further by reciting all the old testament books from memory and then concluded, “It’s about Jesus, nothing against Vegans, but we are going to heaven over here.”

Fans Have A Lot To Say About Jamie Foxx’s Cryptic Post

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Following his exit from a Chicago rehab facility and his various appearances in public, some fans of the actor are still unsure of his health status, with many making outlandish claims that the actor has been “cloned” or replaced by an “AI.”

His newest post has now stirred up more conversation about the actor’s well-being since his hospitalization in April.

“Jamie never posted stuff like this in the past,” wrote a fan, while another agreed, saying, “Lol. I know right. And these bots saying otherwise. This is some real nightmare sh??”

Other fans of the star disagreed, noting that Foxx’s recent health scare may have prompted him to be more vocal about his faith.

“Yea, he got sick really bad it’s normal for people to praise god more because of it,” one person said.

A fourth fan wrote, “Sounds like Jamie been through some life-altering stuff, and truth had been revealed! I’m here for it….. let’s go new outlook on life.”

Jamie Foxx Opens Up About Being Hospitalized 

Jamie Foxx Instagram video
Instagram | Jamie Foxx

The “Django Unchained” star finally put rumors to rest when he posted a video clip of himself for the first time since his health scare in April.

Foxx took to his social media page to share why he had to keep his illness private and how much of a battle he faced in the past three months.

He said, “I want you to see me laughing, having a good time, partying, cracking a joke, doing a movie, a television show… I just didn’t want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through.”

Foxx also dispelled rumors that he was losing his motor skills due to the mystery illness. However, he admitted that the sickness significantly impacted him, noting that he “did go to hell and back.”

He Threw A Party To Celebrate His Recovery 

Jamie Foxx might have had a stroke, says Mike Tyson

According to reports, Foxx organized a party at the Chicago rehab facility where he stayed to recuperate to celebrate his recovery.

A source for People magazine confirmed the bash, noting that Foxx has been “working hard” to restore his health and that he’s “greatly improved since he first got to the facility.”

Although he is no longer staying at the facility, the actor will reportedly continue treatment as an “outpatient.”

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